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  1. annibee

    golf residence and miramar golf

    hi know we have been down this road before but has anyone stayed at or know somwone who has stayed at either of these hotels with their tunisian partners? need to get reservations sorted soon. so thanks for any help,
  2. annibee

    hotels/apartments with tunisians

    hi have reserved flights for my frined and i for 30th december to 10th january and want to stay in PEK but it seems to be getting more difficult to check in with our fiances at many hotels. Houria was ok in septmber but prices gone up a lot. please please can anyone reccomend somewhere we can...
  3. annibee

    Hotels for unmarried Tunisian couples

    Hi can anyone help me with any hotels that have no problem checking english women and tunisian boyfriends in the same room. My friend and i had no problem with El Mouradi Club Salima (PEK) but had trouble at Dreams Beach in June. We go 4 or 5 times a year for holiday with them and it is getting...