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  1. Rabz12


    Is anyone having issues with their website ?? I'm booking with them first time but it never brings up any flight details. Also I have a full UK license can I drive in Tunisia ?? Would it be cheaper to book a rental here or in Tunisia ?? And what are the prices ??
  2. Rabz12

    Need some advice on ...

    Hi I have abit of a situation at the moment that i would like some info on. I have been with my bf from Tunisia for just over a year and we both are wanting to get married. However he doesnt hold a tunisian ID card. This is because of his family history which basically is that his mum passed...
  3. Rabz12

    Tunisian Arabic

    Hi there im new to the forum i just wanted to find out if i could learn basic tunisian arabic on here or if someone could help me. My bf is from there he speaks good english but i just wanted to impress him when i go back with some arabic just so i could have a conversation flowing lol and its...