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    business Purchase

    Hello All. I am looking to buy an existing business in Tunisia which has either looking to sell has gone bankrupt ideally in an open area -something which has about 4000 sqaure ft- would anyone know how I go about looking for such a place...
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    Sending Cargo to Tunisia

    Hello/Sallam to everyone I was wondering if I want to send a suitcase or its equivalent (secure box) to Sfax, Tunisia (mainly full of clothes and presents for my wifes family) are there such companies in the UK that specialize in this service and if anyone has used to them. The weight would be...
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    Tunisian Mum wanting to visit us in UK

    Sallam all. My mother in law would like to come and visit my wife , the kids and myself and stay with us for a month. A few questions - what type of visa should she come on- some say family some say visitor - she came once a before about 8 years ago on a family visa.. Also once she has the...
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    How to setup a foreign company in Tunisia to Export

    Sallam Am wondering if anyone can help. Does anyone know how to setup a foreign company in Tunisia where it is permissible to move currency between Tunisia and the UK- is there a limit or amount that needs to be held in an account? What are the best things to export from Tunisia that would...
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    International Transfers from Tunisia to the UK

    Sallam all. Apologies if this has already been answered and if I repeat myself. We are considering opening a bakery in Tunisia. We would deposit our takings/profits into a Tunisian bank- is it then possible for us to withdraw/transfer this money in the UK (via a Bank Transfer/Western union/...
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    Tunisian Hotel Search Engine

    Hello. There are lots of search engines for finding hotels in Tunisia with varying prices. Could anyone recommend any search engines (also Tunisian ones) to get the best deals Cheers
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    FCR: The Rules....

    Hello All. Ok I understand to sell a car in Tunisia you need to have the FCR and the car to be less than 5 years (or perhaps 3 years) old.. ok so what is the ruling on exporting a car to Tunisia on a FCR which is more than 5 years old- say 10 years old- LHD but not to sell only to keep there...
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    Exporting Car to Tunisia:

    Hi everyone. We were going to drive to Tunisia but now we are looking to use a UK Export Car Company to ship a LHD car to Tunisia so we can drive it there as we will be there for 4 weeks. Does anyone know how much and how long it would cost to say from London to Tunis to Sfax? Also what would...
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    UK to Tunisia : Driving by Car

    Hello and Sallam to all. I visit Tunisia most years once or twice a year for the past 7 years. So this year I have a month off so we (the mrs and two kids both under 7) are considering driving to Tunisia from the Midlands. (probably July/August) Need some major advice on time, costs and...
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    Current Climate: how safe is it really?

    Hello all About to go to Tunisian for a couple of weeks- will be staying with friends and family and some hotel time..hence independent traveling- how safe is it to travel at night- im hearing all sorts of stories about it not being safe to travel by car at night. My flight gets in around...
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    Hello Does anyone klnow if are going to renew flights to Tunisia over the summer again? We had booked flights for them over July but they have refunded and cancelled them due to recent events- all the rest seem almost double the price now jsut for two week flights - seems to be in...
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    Visa: Spending in UK

    Does Tunisia have bank cards (like Visa) that can be used in Europe- my wife has savings in Tunisia but hasnt touched or visited Tunisia in 5 years- she wants to know if she can use apply for a Tunisian card to withdraw /spend money in the UK without incurring any costs such as making bill...
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    British Tunisian : FCR

    Hello- my wife is a British Tunisian - shw wants to take a car over to Tunisia to sell (from Belgium) and make some profit to invest in a property- how many times can she do this without having to pay duoane (customs) someone told her she can do this every other year up to three times.