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    Irish Consulate in Tunis!!!

    i am Irish and my partner had to deal with Latifa .... we didn't have any real problems, just the usual person in authority - chose when she spoke to you, doesn't often answer the phone, not that friendly but tbh it happens a lot so we weren't expecting anything different! But there wasn't any...
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    looking for things to do

    There is definitely loads to do and see - like trips down the Sahara, if you love travelling, you wont be disappointed. There are many other day trips to other towns and historic areas. The hotel reception will have information on it. There are more touristy things like camel riding, boat trips...
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    Free land for the poor in Tunisia

    There is "squatters rights" with land and so on in Tunisia but i have only ever known about it for areas where land will rise in value - e.g outskirts of Tunis and then the land is sold to builders etc. i have never heard it where the person has built on the land themselves as it means they...
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    Blood test and translators

    Good luck Scotty bambam, hope you have a lovely day. I'm sure everything will work out on the paperwork etc so try not to worry!
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    Working in the UK

    Normally on a student visa you can work part time - maybe up to 18 or 20 hours a week? it might not sound like a lot but at least the company doesn't have to sponsor you and it would be a start. There is a lot of paperwork and responsibility for an employer to sponsor somebody and so it is a big...
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    Any successful relationships please

    That might make sense Roulla .... My other half is from just outside Nabeul and goes through loads of it! Anything without it is "fine" but not tasty!!! Thankfully i love it too!!
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    Dreams can come true

    Well said Donna, sometimes we get so caught up worrying about things which, in the long run, are totally unimportant, that we miss great opportunities or simply enjoying ourselves! Best of luck for the future x
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    heart broken

    I totally understand you love him but you have to ask yourself, is your love based on the "him" previously or this new "him"? if he was like that on your first date, would you have stayed with him? or met him again? i would tell him sternly where to go. if he decides to change or there is some...
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    staying together before marriage??

    There are some hotels and apartments that have issues with Europeans and locals staying together or even ones that don't allow tunisians to stay at all! So if your renter says its fine, i wouldn't worry about anything else. i was never asked for my passport, on the street or while driving, If...
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    Taking your wedding dress toTunisia

    i know a similar story of someone who was moving to Tunisia so had about 3 suitcases - when they looked in the bags there was a bottle of perfume etc and a computer and they told her she needed to pay tax to bring them in. Thankfully she had been to Tunisia many times and so told them where to...
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    Yosra Zekri, Tunisian Soprano

    That song brings tears to my eyes everytime!!!
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    PLEASE help to translate!

    no problem .. it seems to be from one man to another, what the first man says is rude and they don't know eachother well so the second doesn't like it ... hope that makes sense!
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    PLEASE help to translate!

    From what i can gather the first person says how are you and then says something bad (sexy) and the second one says im ok, is it normal to talk like that, go away.
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    Tunisian sim card

    I never knew that! i have never topped mine up when i am back here neither has my partner and there isn't an issue with the number when we go back to the Tunisia. What do they say is meant to happen?
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    Debts and bankruptcy in Tunisia?

    Hope you're ok LA. I'm sure the heat doesn't help to think straight or to keep calm! Getting into debt to build a house seems to be a relatively recent thing in Tunisia, traditionally it would be built as and when the means were there in my experience but like any developing country there is...
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    Flights from Tunisia to the UK

    once both your visa and passport is up to date, there shouldn't be any issues. i am in Ireland but when my partner first came in, they just asked our address here so they could put down his local GNIB office but that was it, the rest of the questions were about sport while he was tapping away on...
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    Flights from Tunisia to the UK

    I'd say that could be the case ... but the ques here are always really small for non-EU so i go through there as well and we are out in seconds!!!
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    Chit Chat about anything..

    Did the sheep head last year put you off Jane?!! ;):p
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    Chit Chat about anything..

    Just about to go and pack my bags as we are heading over to Tunisia today :joyful: ..... (I'll probably be more that colour this time tomorrow!!) :)
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    Chit Chat about anything..

    That is exactly what I am looking forward to from next weekend!