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  1. CHigh

    We got a YES!!! - What does my husband have to do next?

    We Finally got a Visa Yes! yesterday....but apart from the visa - what other paperwork (if any) does my husband need to come and live with me here? any help appreciated xx
  2. CHigh


    Thankyou for quick reply...... i think i already knew the answer really! was just hoping there was something else we could do! I'll check the exemptions but no, i don't receive any carers allowance or anything like that. I still live at home with my family as it's cheaper and thought maybe it...
  3. CHigh


    Hi all, i'm concerned cause i don't meet the income requirement for the visa but my sister does, can she apply as my husband's sponsor or does it have to me as his wife? If so, does anyone know a way around the income of £18600.00 as we have just found out we are expecting our first child and...
  4. CHigh


    Hi all, From reading on here - i understand i need to earn above "18,600.00" to be able to apply for the husband to come over to the UK? Does this still apply if I still live at home with the parents? or does it go on the household income? Cause i live northern england and earn nowhere near...