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    I have been flying with Air France via Paris to Tunis from Edinburgh Have been booking with them directly Although prices seem slightly dearer you get your baggage booked on plus you don't pay for drinks or snacks as they are complimentary Stopovers have never been very long so journey doesnt...
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    Flying to Tunis indirectly from the UK

    I have been once with Lufthansa via Frankfurt and the last 2 times with Airfrance via Paris everything went OK Didn't have long between flights 45/55 mins and it was ok because flights were in and out of the same terminal. Even had time to go to duty free shop
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    Meeting with the British Embassy in Sousse March 2016

    Have been in Yasmine Hammamet/Hammamet 3 times now since the Sousse attack You see plenty of police /security but what you also see is them on their mobile or texting while on duty How can that make people feel safe when cars and people are passing them and they don't even notice coz they are...
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    Booking hotel via uk tour operators

    No need to go through passport control as already posted and yes both my boardingcards were issued at Edinburgh This time I am travelling via Paris anI only have 55mins to change so keeping fingers crossed that flights are all on time It is all well sihn posted at Frankfurt so you should be OK
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    Immigration many used one?

    I went to enquire with immigration lawyer and it cost £75 consultation fee and then it would have been £850 + vat for there services
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    Booking hotel via uk tour operators

    I flew that route with Lufthansa in august and it was good only problem was they dont seem very strict about the size of hand luggage people bring on board and there wasnt enough overhead locker space coz some of the cases were quite large and it just caused a bit of caos
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    Booking hotel via uk tour operators

    We stayed togetyer in Tej Marhaba in Sousse before we got married 5 yrs ago
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    My husband applied for a visitors visa after we were married for 3years and together for 5years and was refused as already mentioned it was in case he wouldn't return to Tunisia
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    immigration lawyer

    I got a name from citizens advice bureau but it cost me £75 for consultation only and then it was going to cost £850 + vat for services with no guarantee that visa would be granted
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    Patisserie/Bakery in Hammamet?

    There is a patisserie in Bracsa(don't know if that is how you spell it) but it is where you get the louage to tunis It is between Yasmine Hammamet and Hammamet
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    Visit visa help :)

    I am just back from Tunisia and my husband has applied for "visitors visa" we are waiting to find out what happens apparently now after you have submitted papers in Tunis they are sent to Paris !!!!It has been more than 3 weeks now since papers have been submitted . It is now a waiting game ...
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    marrying in tunisia

    Neither did I !!!!
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    I am going from Glasgow 17th march till 17th April staying in yasmine hammamet anyone else going?
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    Riadh Palms hotel

    My husband and I stayed at the Tej Marhaba and we weren't married but that was over 3 years ago
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    Riadh Palms hotel

    When my husband and I stayed there they were looking for proof that we were married as I haven't changed my passport to married name.His name was on booking form along with mine
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    Hi Roulla I am a qualified nurse and health and safety/infection control/and preventing cross infection plays a large part of our job .It horrifies me sometimes when I see some of the things they do. When I came back just there from Tunis airport we were at the bar getting a drink and the barman...
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    I totally agree with you about educating them regarding throwing rubbish all over the place. I get really angry with my husband when he throws rubbish in the street, and yes it is up to the goverment to help to try and improve this.
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    I have just come back from Tunisia and while I was there a couple of friends of my husbands where there on holiday from Germany/Holland and England. They haven't been back in Tunisia for between 1 and 4 years and said they are so glad they have left.They cannot believe how dirty the place is...