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  1. Aslemma

    Ramadan mabrouk

    Ramadan Mabrouk to all those celebrating. May it be a time of peace and renewal for all.
  2. Aslemma

    Thomas Cook flights now cancelled until October

    As expected, I have just heard that TC flights to Tunisia have been cancelled until October. I have no further information but have sent them a message via Facebook asking when I can expect to get my money back in order that I can make other plans. I have also said that a TC flight to another...
  3. Aslemma

    Health care for Tunisians

    Does anyone know if any health care is available free for Tunisians? I have just learnt that a friend has cancer of the throat and know neither he nor his family have any money. I find it hard to believe that someone in that situation would simply be left to die.
  4. Aslemma

    Support for staff of the hotels affected by the terrorist attack

    A British man has set up a fund to help the staff of the two hotels who acted so bravely at the time of the terrorist attack and are now losing their jobs, without any recourse to financial help. All contributions are welcome.
  5. Aslemma

    Food in Hand Luggage

    I've been asked to take out some pork sausages and bacon and am wondering whether this needs to go in my hold luggage or if it can be put in my hand luggage, which would be more convenient but I'd hate to get it confiscated
  6. Aslemma

    Easyjet now flying to Monastir

    Just seen that at long last Easyjet is starting flights from Stansted to Monastir. I've had a quick look and it seems they will be summer only at present but fingers crossed they will start winter flights as well.
  7. Aslemma

    First suspected case of Ebola in Tunisia

    Apparently a Tunisian arriving from Italy without his papers was taken to the Farhad Hached hospital in Sousse. Not good news, but it should be remembered that at present ebola is only suspected and not confirmed...
  8. Aslemma

    Good price Thomas Cook flight

    I'm always on the look-out for good flight prices and although I have my next trip booked for 22nd October I've just booked a flight for 9th May with Thomas Cook from Stansted to Enfidha, returning on 23rd, for £114.22 including debit card charge. This doesn't include luggage but I will add...
  9. Aslemma

    New home needed for Leeza

    I have copied this from another site as the owner is desperate and needs all the publicity she can get. Hi I was wondering if you would know anyone that would be able to rehome my dog, I moved out to Tunisia from UK two years ago with my dog but had to return to the UK in January of this year...
  10. Aslemma

    A task for you

    Now that the tourists appear to be returning, I wondered if regular visitors and locals may have some suggestions for interesting places to visit or things to do in the vicinity of the main towns such as Sousse and Hammamet. I am not talking about those trips which the reps in the hotels try to...