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    I gave been married for 9 years and am currently splitting up with husband. I did not meet husband in Tunisia he was already settled here The relationship was too controling and i've had enough. We have two children, 6 and 8, live in london but my family live in portsmouth. Husband has made it...
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    Driving to Tunisia from England

    Hi My husband and I are driving to Tunisia in August. Has anyone here done it...whats the journey like? Aldo my husband is worrying thatvthe children do not have Tunisian passports i don't think it will be a problem as he is teavelling with us, any ideas?
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    bank loans in Tunisia

    Hello I was wondering how easy it is for Tunisians to get a bank loan to start up a business. My hubby is Tunisian we are currently livjng jb london but want to move back ASAP thinking of starting a business while still here but need a loan. we are both working here and would send cash back...