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    Places to go?

    Hi Yasmine why not Ichkeul Lac ,it's really nice and attractive natural place or to go to the Historic Utique ,all are in the North of Tunisia ....
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    hi soltef ,i couldn't sent you a PM cause it says to me everytime that your email box is...

    hi soltef ,i couldn't sent you a PM cause it says to me everytime that your email box is totaly full ,so soltef you can't recieve any PM unless you delete some of them,
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    Famous people born in Tunisia...

    Philippe Séguin /french politician Philippe Séguin, A very known french politician ,was born in 1943 in Tunis/ né le 21 avril 1943 à Tunis, est un homme politique français: Philippe Séguin, né le 21 avril 1943 à Tunis, est un homme politique français Ancien ministre des...
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    Tunisian Kitchen

    may be this could help you i think you have to follow the same cooking instruction like couscous: so you need couscousiere or what we call cousous steamer,then put the dweeda above and all other stuff in that cooking pot underneath : oil,water,vegetables, spices and....tomoto paste,,,,, good luck
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    Setting up a company as a foreigner

    here are some helpful information well i think you have to contact: the Foreign investment Promotion Agency, (FIPA) and then tell them what kind of Business :industry/commerce...... tel:00216 71 752 540 Adress :Tunis ,centre urbain nord near (science park)in our way to carthage aerport ...
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    Traditional dishes

    yes marshmellows yes there's marshmellows in Tunisia ,you can find this in supermarkets >>>
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    hotels near riu park el kebir

    may be i can help you i think you can find the hotel name :via this link
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    Tunisian Wedding traditions

    you can see here well im giving you this link hoping to help you^^^^^^^^ good luck,
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    Hotels in tunis

    Hi paulhedderson well, what i know about El Hana is a very big hotel, located in the main Avenue of Tunis which means in the hearr of Tunis Down Town , good luck
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    Sending/ Transferring Money to Tunisia! xx

    Hi Seseme don't worry we all support you,GOOD NEWS ;your family can send money from this Golf country via western Union and then get them from the post office or via Money Gram and then pick up this amont from the bank which deals with this kind of transfer. in all cases you have to take with...
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    2 wonderful hotels

    AfricanQueen and oceana Hotel yes i do really like these 2 hotels,i have been to Hammamet many times .
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    Nabeul hotels

    Hi Nicola, well you can visit this hotel page: good luck ,
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    Tunisian Wedding traditions

    Congrats on the wedding... Good luck and have a lovely time xxx
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    book your hotel via

    :) :) very worthy information i'll let all my friends know about this :
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    book your hotel via

    thank you Sana ,good idea
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    Quote for the day.....

    i really appreciate your words :)
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    Getting Married In tunisia

    Mabrouk :) congratulation Sparkle and happy life :)
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    Prices for gold in Tunisia.

    you have many choices to buy gold in Tunisia welcome to forum ; shortly, these may to be worhty information: you have four ways to buy gold in tunisia : * there are 2 kinds of 14k(as the tunisian say stamped and the non one) concening 14k (1gr)without stamp is about 15td...
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    Mouradi Jerba Menzel Hotel

    never mind essem,there are so many very good hotels in tunisia,wonderful landscapes and lovely tunisian desert. but some times we can expect or see some undesirable things,but any way.... you have to complain and everything will in be right way.:)
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    Who are some of the best writers?/

    well i read "the importance of being earnest" by OSCAR WILD" and the "death of salesman" by ARTHUR MULLER" two drama that i loved much in which too much reflection to our life: principles,values,familly and life problems