visa criteria

  1. Latanya


    Can anyone tell me how to get a B3 clean?
  2. Petrina Coughlin

    Need Your Help on Travelling Matter

    Tunisia is a one of the most beautiful countries of Africa. It Islamic art and cultural heritage is always being a great focus of tourists’ attraction. I have also visited Tunisia once in my life with my father. At this time, I was only ten years old. However, in this coming winter, I am also...
  3. Amr

    Tier 2 General Visa

    Hello everyone, I am a Tunisian man, an IT consultant and I have been an overseas employee of a british company in Tunis, for a couple of years .. Our company in the uk has offered me a job to relocate me there under Tier 2 ICT visa with my dependents . I was there recently for a 3 weeks to...
  4. HannahElizabeth

    Meeting visa criteria

    Hello all! It's so lovely to find somewhere with actual information and true experiences! I hope everyone is well and safe! I have one burning question.... Does anyone know if because I live in a council house with my mother this will hinder mine and my fiancés application for settlement in the...