A task for you


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lol yep as I guessed flattery will get me everywhere lol, I will try not to marry one of them, good gosh he would have a difficult woman on his hands!;)
You should definetly marry one then ;):D...


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What....give them a taste of their own medicine.....lol
Exactly my point...they might need a womans hand...one who knows how to do it the right way lol:D

Khee Khee marrys a tune with a long horse whip included as a wedding gift! :D


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Frigua Park is another place I've heard quite a lot about Annibee, and seen lots of pictures, but still not got round to visiting. I do know you can get the train from Sousse so I might try that one day, though I think you probably need to go with children to get the most out of the experience so I may have to borrow a couple. :)