Ali Baba Park & BamBino Land by Carthageland


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Ali Baba Park & BamBino Land by Carthageland, Yasmine Hammamet

Discover a world of magic!

On a covered area of 1350 square metres, Ali Baba's world is dedicated to all children aged 1 - 12 years.

Open all year, you can explore all the attractions of Ali Baba Park under the responsibility of a parent or not depending on your height.

Explores passing through and under the many bridges, slide down the slidesand dive into the pool of balls.

Ali Baba Park allows the development of orientation, sociability, friendliness, physical activity and sharing of games and gun.

Particular attention is paid to the health and safety of the children. Air conditioned and heated.

For bithday parties, you can celebrate this memorable day with your friends in Ali Baba Park.

Ali Baba Park will reserve the date and time for your birthday party. Included in the package: The use of all play structures, cake and drinks. Optional extras: music, magician, clown, entertainers, catering. The children are given Tee shirts on arrival and are then free to move in the park before th party starts.

Attractions -

Giant Maze
Bottom stair step
Ball Pool
Cannon balls
The obstacles
Game of Skill
Babies play area

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