Applying for visa, needed documents?


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Me and my husband are applying for the schengen tourist visa for him, we have to do it through the embassy Finland. I have heard they were pretty strict in this embassy. I just wondered if what i have is good enough, i know what papers he will need to give nbut i am not sure about mine? A visa invitation, a birth certificate, a copy of the journal from the doctor the piece where it mentions my social Security number and due date, a print from the social number site where it says i am married and so and so and a letter that says our marriage is registred here from the municipalite. So yes we are married and i am pregnant with him. Anybody with experiences on applying for visa through the embassy of Finland?


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I have no experience of a visa for Finland .if you are Finnish and live in Finland your embassy may ask why he is applying for a tourist visa rather than spouse visa. I would think the best source of nformation is the Finnish embassy web site and info on Finnish immigration law. good luck


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