best internet tunisia


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Hi all,

Those of you living in tunisia :)
Do any of you have unlimited internet access for your comp or tablet?

Is it easy to get and who is the best/cheapest provider?

We will be living Hammam sousse area if that makes a difference


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Very easy, different companies have different offers, best to look when you're there. I use orange.


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Do they have wifi out there thats not too expensive as we will be on a budget
do u know rough prices scottochott?
Just trying to get an idea, i like to be organised


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You'll get the same services as in the UK. In fact my Tunisian wifi is faster than I get in rural Scotland. There are various price structures according to your needs, you spoke of unlimited downloads, an option which will cost more. There are other companies but look at for some ideas.


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We have Global Net but we live in Tunis so I am not sure if they are everywhere. We have been very happy and their customer service is great, a rarity for Tunisia! I think we paid 200td for a year with a speed of 8mbps.
I can't seem to find unlimited internet in Tunisia, most companies offer 20 or max25GB per month which will be far from enough for my needs. Can anyone help?