'Bourguiba Museum, Operational By Next December 12, Will Be Included in Tourism Circuits,' Says Adne


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Monastir — "The Beit Bourguiba Museum should be ready before next December 12 so that travel agencies be able to include it in their tourism circuits," said Mr. Adnen Mansar, spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic.

During a meeting devoted to reviewing progress of the refitting out works of the Skanes Marble Palace in Monastir, Mr. Mansar stressed the importance to include this memorial site, as well as the mausoleum of Tunisia's first president of the republic, in the tourist, cultural and scientific circuits.

The 500-square-meter monument, known as the "Beit Bourguiba" (Bourguiba House), will comprise a wing of documentation and archives dedicated to researchers, as well as a conference hall.

All rooms of the palace have been inventoried in collaboration with the National Archives, Mr. Mansar reminded, specifying that the basement encloses 120 archive boxes and 680 photo-albums of the founder of Tunisia's modern State.

Works of the project, worth 3.2 million dinars, have been carried out by the Tunis Heritage Institute and is also part of the Tunisian-Turkish cultural co-operation. Turkey is to fund the refitting works of the fountain of the Skanes Palace.

The former presidential Palace of Skanes, designed by French architect Olivier-Clément Cacoub, was Bourguiba's summer residence which encloses a large collection of ceramic frescoes by renowned Tunisian artists.




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about time. ben ali screwed up a whole lot of stuff and not paying tribute to Habib Bourguiba was about the worst. :mad:


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Something else to add to my growing list of places to visit. I've visited the fantastic mausoleum a couple of times in the past and would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't already been. I don't know if my information is correct, but I was told the mausoleum was paid for by neighbouring countries as a mark of their respect for Bourguiba, as Tunisia itself would not have been able to afford it.