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anyone know where i can buy good quality beauty supplies? thanks
oh in sousse or close by..


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I used to go to a stall in the medina which was cheaper than the chemist but couldnt tell you how to get there on here :(

its a bit more expensive but monoprix in sousse has that kind of thing x x

unless you want to try find the stall it was round by where they do all the materials in the locals part of the market xx they have all the rubbish stalls with cheap makeup knockoffs but we found this one stall hidden away that had great stuff even face wash that i use at hoem was great xx
thanks, i need hair cutting scissors. would the chemist have those? i did not see any in the monoprix.


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ahhh. hair cutting scissors is a hard one?? i would ask in one of the hairdressers maybe coz i dont know about this. try the chemist though they might help


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Hi Beenthere hope that you are in good health! I know that in Nabeul there is a shop that sells all product for hairdressers, there must be one near you...


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B- I'm not familiar with Sousse, but I know there is a supply store for hairdressers here in Monastir. It is open to the public, and they sell EVERYTHING (and it's often cheaper than if you buy from Monoprix, Champion, etc). If you ever get a few hours to come to Monastir, let me know and we can meet up for a drink and I'll take you there.


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for me it lublubi, raw eggs floating in hot tomato sauce
I remember when I was in Tunisia, they gave me a half-cooked ommlette, so the egg was sort of raw and runny.... My ovver 'arff was looking at me like I was mad for refusing to eat it.... :eek:
Off topic, I know, but couldn't think of a disgusting mixture for "half-cooked ommelette"..... :rolleyes:


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Any way of checking??

This may seem a crazy question but I am trying to cover all angles here!! Is there anyway at all that I could be notified or I could check when a person leaves Tunisia to come to the Uk?? I don't want to give much more detail than that, sorry..but I am sure you can all guess who I am referring to :rolleyes:

I know it is not good when we take this road of checking up on them but believe me it is for a good reason that I need to know!!! :(
Not sure us mortals would have access to passenger manifests, sounds like you would need a reliable friend to tell you TMD


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I don't think so. Unless you have a friend that works in passport control, or unless that person themselves tell you when they are returning.


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Is there anyone that lives in Tunisia that knows him that would consider telling you his plans?
Is there anyone that lives in Tunisia that knows him that would consider telling you his plans?
Maybe my SIL will, we get on really well (I think :eek:) she has always confided in me over things that she couldn't tell anyone else. We do "seem" to have a good relationship, but as they, blood is thicker than water:(

I am sure the president will hold a national Holiday the day that **** leaves Tunisia ;) :p


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I hope that your SIL is kind enough to inform you of his plans.

And if there is a party when he leaves Tunisia, I'll be sure to eat some cake for you! LOL :p


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I thought that when they come to uk you need to pick them up at airport.
I have friends who's had people come on visitors visas and they had to pick them up..not sure about spouse.x
TMD, does he tend to use a specific airline or route?

As Cathi says, PAX manifests are the best route but you need someone who has access to them...;)
Knowing him as I do whatever is the cheapest!!!! Always from Tunis though so narrows it down a bit I suppose :(