Customs duty taxes


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Hi, I have a friend in Tunisia who desperately needs a cell phone. I got a new phone for myself and would like to send him my old phone however last year, I sent him my old iPad with about 50.00 value and he was charged 150 usd in taxes or tariffs. The old phone is valued at about 150 usd so any ideas how much the charge would be to get it from customs? I have sent other things like clothing and did not have to pay anything but the ipad blew me away. I do not want to create a financial hardship. I am trying to help him.


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That is a can of worms.

I always avoided this as I got different answers every time....I also often managed to negotiate the tariff down or sometimes was held to ransom for more that was required (TV).

Due to the opaque nature of Tunisian customs I dont think your going to get a dependable answer...


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Wouldn't it be easier to send him the money to buy a phone in Tunisia?


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I did send money for a phone but the one he bought was locked and not usable. We thought about sending to a friend in another country but he needed it now. I ended up sending it to him and it has been almost a month and he has not received it. My tracking stopped when it got to Tunisia. I have the US Postal system trying to track it down at this point what I was afraid of has probably happened. I think because you have to declare what is in the box, "Phone" may have been too great of a temptation and may have been stolen. I still hope it gets there but I starting to loose faith.