Dghoumes National Park


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Dgghoumes National Park is located east of the Governorate of Tozeur at about 40 kmeast of the regional capital.

It is bounded on the north by mountain ridges that trace thelimits of the governorates of Tozeur and Gafsa in the south of the Chott el Jerid, Kébiligovernorate is the eastern boundary of the park and the village of Dghoumes the west side. Dgghoumes National Park covers an area of ​​8000 ha, consisting of three typesof relief:

-The mountains to the north with an average altitude of 370 m, it is with the catchment area of 3000 ha. However we note that the area slopes is strongly marked by a sharp erosion.

The glaze forms the interface between the mountains and the saline lake knownlocally as « chareb. It consists of large tracts receiving alluvium, colluvium and runoff.This zone covers an area of 3800 ha.

The lowland area is the depression of Chott El Jerid salt. The area of this unit isestimated at 1200 ha

This was done in the presence of veterinarians and experts from France, Belgium,Germany and researchers from Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and French and Swissjournalists. Species were prompted Bouhedma National Park where they were ableto multiply after their introduction to the first geological park in 1985 in England.Dammah Oryx, Animal North Africa, weighs about 200 kg with a height rangingbetween one meter and 100 meter 250 centimètres.

A noted that after the introductionof 12 gazelles Dori in February 2002, this animal has adapted to the climate of theregion and there are currently 46 gazelles.