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Married a Tunisian. Looking like we are most assuredly down the divorce path. Legal screwed up my name in marital docs mispelling my name and parents. Given there was an error in all of our english names I could not register the marriage in USA. No kids are involved nor potential pregnancies.

Thoughts and guidance please.



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Well even if they screwed up your name the registrar would have taken your id/passport number.

If you are both normally resident in the USA your local law will apply and I am not from the USA so I do not know what the score would be. I do understand that some states are "community property" states where assets gained during the marriage belongs to both parties.

If you have never lived together in the USA then divorce him in Tunisia which I presume would be cheaper. Either speak to Ramzi or contact a lawyer from your embassies list of recommended legal professionals.


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Thank you for the quick and succinct reply Kris.

She is Tunisienne and always solely a resident of Tunisia. Agreed in terms of documentation in Tunisia. Our documents could not be properly registered in Tunisia due to transcription errors from my Birth Certificate. My marriage docs could not certified to register at US Embassy due to gross misspelling of names and mother's name was entirely missed.

Ramzi - Can you provide contact details ??? Thanks in advance.