El Faracha in Sousse...

Peach E.

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Is anyone familiar with the El Faracha Hotel in Sousse? I am looking for a hotel in Sousse in mid-Nov for about a week. Is it a good place for a mother and daughter?


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janette b

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sorry never heard of it and doesn't look familiar by looking at pics will ask makrem tonight.
i know that 2 stars hotel, which have a central location in sousse ( city el corniche) just behind hotel le printemps and 2 steps from cafè essalem, hotel karawan and the beach of course. it's a modest hotel, no entertainment, it's just for accomodation that's all!


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looks ok if its just for a get away hol! simple, clean, quiet!

more stars just mean more facilities, not that they are "better" hotels, might be posher, but sometimes the best things are found in the quieter places!


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Yeah, like under a rock!!!!!

sorry in a mood, lol............

Peach E.

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Thank you all ! I think I'll keep looking...