Fish ; Djerbian tradition


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Tunisia –regions ; Fish sale at auction; a Djerbians tradition

The fish market in DJerba is characterized by an original method of selling fish. both Tunisian and foreign tourists , come from different parts in the world to attend this particular show.

The transaction of sale is orchestrated by a crier called “Dellal " who begins standing on a long wooden chair to see and identify the bidder who outbid by their gestures.

Presented in a special way, the fish are hung on a necklace (Chok) made by fibers extracted from palm branches, and produced by artisans known as "Chakkakoun.

Any fisherman who wishes to sell his fish at the auction goes first to those artisans to buy a necklace before returning the goods to the auctioneer. :);)


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i think we should go there and watch this wonderful show :D
I saw it many times,I like it,, :p