Free visa when travelling with EU spouse???


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sorry if this question has already been answered. I'm new to the site and have tried to read all the threads but cant find what I'm looking for, as from what I understand, the other threads on this topic are for people who's spouses have UK visas or want to move to Malta, so not sure the same rules apply to my situation.

I'm a British citizen, living in the UK and my husband is Tunisian, living in Tunisia. I'm due to go on holiday with some friends to Malta next month. Having just lost his job due to lack of tourists, I would like for my husband to come on holiday too.

Am I correct in thinking that he can get a free visa to come with us on holiday? Im happy to go to Tunisia and travel with him, rather then flying directly there from the UK with my friends, if I need to. But just wanted to know if he is actually entitiled to this visa, what documents are required and how easy it is to obtain the visa.

I'm also due to fly to Paris for work in September, so would he be able to use the same visa to join me there or would he need to apply for another one? as I've read about freedom of movement between Shengen countries, but to be honest, its all rather confusing :(

Thankyou in advance for any help


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Sorry to see nobody else has responded. From what i understand, on a schengan visa, your husband can apply for a short stay visa to any EU country, once together in that country you need to apply for a family permit.
Try reading about the SS Route (Surrender Singh) as this is currently what many are doing due to difficult visa requirements in UK.
There is a very helpful post in here from a lady that did it under the Tunisia To the UK thread x


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I think sasha posted on more than one thread and was answered on a different one :oops: