Getting Married In tunisia


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I am very proud to say I am 14 years older than my Tunisian Husband. I can also say that in Pakistan it is true that the men do not marry women older than them. I know my first husband was from Pakistan and that is a completely different culture. The men in Pakistan marry when the can afford to and their family's normally arrange the weddings. They rarely marry for love.

I am not from the UK I am from the US and here lots of women marry women younger men. I am also from Las Vegas and it is very common for an older successful women to be with a younger man.

For me it is not about age it is about love. I am madly in love with my Tunisian Husband because of his values, his love for life, his smile his brain and everything about him as a person.


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Help needed please!!

My boyfriend and I have decided to get married later on this year in Tunisia and I have a couple of questions. Firstly I read somewhere that I must have resided in Tunisia for a clear 21 days - I have only just returned from my first visit to Tunisia as my boyfriend worked abroad so although we have spent a lot of time together it wasn't in Tunisia. Does this mean that if I haven't spent 21 days in Tunisia that I can't marry there?

My second question is that I know I need to get my do***ents translated while I'm there but my boyfriend lives in Sfax and Tunis is really far away - I know there is a british consulate in Sfax, can I take my do***ents there to be translated or do we have to travel to Tunis?

Thirdly, although my boyfriend is really excited to be getting married I don't trust him to make all the arrangements - how do I find a place to marry? We only want a simple ceremony, I won't have any family/friends coming over so it will just be my boyfriends family & friends. Can anyone recommend somewhere in the Sfax area?

I'm sure the answers to these questions are on here somewhere but I can't find them!!


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Hi Dizzy,

How are you hun?

The 21 days confusion is the certificate of no impediment to marry that you can do in UK or your own home location but you have to remain in that country for 21 clear days and on the 22nd day they will give you a certificate to marry - this is a notice posted to show that you have been married before etc and declare your intention to marry. You can do this in Tunisia but you will have to be in Tunisia for the 21 days while this is posted. So if you are not planning to be in Tunisia then you can do this in the UK.

You have to get your birth certificated translated into french or arabic, you can do this at any translation office but make sure it is one that is registered and authorised with the embassy and you should be able to find this info on the embassy website. The embassy offer this service also.

As for a location, though I cant advise for Sfax area but you can have the contract signed at the municipality with the witnesses and family etc there to see, no doubt his family will want to celebrate after with a party. If you actually want to have it in a venue then you will have to look around Sfax as they dont advertise wedding venues on the website other than at hotels, but it really depends on what you decide to do. Like I say you can sign the contract at the municipality, not sure if its the same for Sfax but at the municipality in Tunis you can pay 250 dinar for the contract signing and then to have a room for an hour to have a small celebration.

I think you may find all the info on the thread getting tunisians to the UK as I know the convo changes a lot and I remember seeing loads of convos about the marriage.

Good luck hun xxxx


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Hi Kelly

Thanks for clearing that up for me - I'm gonna get Anouar to make enquiries anyway and I'm happy to just do it in the town hall in front of a few of his family & friends. It's different for me because I've been married before and I've had the big dress, massive reception etc etc and this time I just want it to be about me & him. Can he book the town hall in advance then? It's just that the registrar office here said that to get the cert of no imped in the UK I would have to provide the date & address of the venue, but I read on here somewhere that you just take your papers to the Town Hall & then they give you a date. I'm not sure which way to do it but don't worry, I'm gonna send him there tomorrow to find out. I'll let you know when we've confirmed the date.

Thanks for your help xx


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Hi ya,

You can book in advance for example we get married on the 17th May and we need to book the registrar to attend the wedding venue on that date, when we went last week they told us the bookings start in January and so we are going back on the 15th January to pay the 100 dinar fee and book the date, like I say not sure if its the same all round as I know that each registrar/muncipality in each area has their own rules! but this was the advice based for Tunis.

Definately get your H2B to investigate, though if you are planning to come over before then maybe do it yourself, I live here and its still like drawing blood out of a stone to get H2B to organise some things, its all tomorrow, tomorrow, though hes finally hit the panic stage as we come closer to it ;)

Take care hun x


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Hi Dizzy, big congratulations, I was going to ask if you had a good week but your wonderful news speaks for its self. X


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Thanks Liz, I'm not sure yet when it will happen but I'm going back in February to organise things. I'm gonna book my flight after Xmas and this time I'll be leaving my kids here with my family so that I can get things done without any hassle. I'm really excited but also stressed out already at the thought of everything that we need to do. I'm hoping it will be May/June time, I will let you know how I get on with the arrangements x


Please help me and my boyfriend!

Hi everyone

You may have seen some threads from me before. Well, I have just got back from visiting my boyfriend in Sousse. It was the first time we had seen each other since meeting in October. I wasn't sure how it would go and knew it would determine whether or not we had a future together.
I had the most amazing time - he made me so welcome, we laughed all week and had such a lovely time. I met all his family on the day I got there. It was Eid and they invited me round to their house. I was there over Xmas and his friends were so sweet to me and did everything they could to make Xmas day special for me, buying me pressies and taking me out etc.
I'm now heartbroken that I am back home - I miss him so much it hurts. He is trying to get a visitors visa so he can come and see me in Feb, if we are not suceesful with this I will go back for one week in February.
I know thewre is toms of info on this site about visas etc, but to be hinest, there is too much! Its confusing me and upsetting me when I read the horror stories! Please can someone give me some advice - we have filled out the form for the visitor visa and I will be sending a letter to confirm that i will support him etc while he is here. Do we send all the do***ents to the Embassy in Tunis? How likely is it that they will say yes? I have a good job, my own house etc - will this help? My b/f is a student and works part time - will this go for hom or against him?
Sorry for such a long thread - I'm just at my wits end as I want to be doing something to speed the process up. I also want something to feel positive about because I miss him so much and just need to be with him!


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to be fair if you fill in all the do***entation and send an invitation letter that emphasises that you have the funds to support that person then personal issues aside (criminal record etc) I cannot see what the problem would be.

I mean your not asking for a spose visa at the end of the day you saying that your having somone over for a holiday and that person is going to come, stay with you and be paid for by you and then go back.

He takes this information and along with the forms goes to the British embassy where they will either sort him out on the day or take a day or so to complete the paperwork

I cannot see the issue unless the embassy have any reason to belive the above is true, unfortunately people get s worried bout trying to second guess the system when people working at the embassy are doing a impersonal pragmatic job they have to vet those coming into the uk.


Marriage Advice

Hia I'm new to this site and have been reading some of the threads!! Lots of info I've been married for just over four and half years and my husband and I live in London we are due to have our first baby in March!! I'm currenty 32 weeks and ready to drop!! (thats another story)!!!!

Any advice - a close friend of mine June, is due to go to Tunisia to see her fiance in Jan to make plans for their future wedding in May/June 2008 - as things have changed alot since we got married for some reason I have it in my head that you dont have to stay or be resident for the whole 21 days in Tunisia before you get married? Or am I wrong? Also when translating do***ents we had them done in Hammamet and Tunis alot cheaper than the embassy?

Thanks for reading this and I hope you have all had a great Christmas and an even better New Year!!! Thanks for reading and from briefly reading some your stories it doesn't look like its getting any easier - Good luck and happy New Year!!!! gigi


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YOu have to be resident if you wish to have your notice in Tunisia for your certificate.

Or like me you can have your notice at the registry office in the uk and then go over with your certificate and get it translated


Thanks Kris that rings some load bells!!! DUH if memory serves me well I'd already arrived to stay for the one month and then was told because I'd put my inpediments up in UK I didn't need to be in Tunisia for 21 days!! Arghh it all makes sense!!!


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Yes, I would agree with the above posting in that from what you have stated here I really don't see why he would not be able to get a visitor's visa. I am so glad to hear that you had such a great time when you visited him and that you were able to meet his family. Keep us posted on how things go.


Thanks Kris and Tater. I feel a bit better now that I know a visitors visa shouldn't be too difficult. I know we will still have a lot of hurdles to overcome in the future but I guess its just one step at a time!
I will certainly keep you updated on any developments - hopefully we will have some good news soon, inshallah!

slim and sonia

hi bigbrother i hope ur ok.i really like to get in touch with u on msn if that possible so we can chat about my case it would be great to hear from u.many msn is([email protected])


Ok - here is the latest and we need some reassurance!

Zied went all the way to Tunis today to be told we had completed the wrong forms! So he had to start all over again and then they took all his do***ents, my invite letter and he paid the fee. He felt quite positive and thought they would give him the visa there and then but they have asked him to go back 2 weeks from today when they will give him a yes or a no.

I have realised that although I did a letter and explained my cir***stances I didn't actually provide bank statements or pay slips etc. Do you think this has affected things? Should I post them on to him now to take when he goes back on 18th Jan? And it says on the website they need to be original copies - is this safe what with identity fraud etc?

Someone he knows was given his visitors visa on the same day and we are both so worried now that they intend to turn him down. I don't know how we will get through the next two weeks.

It says on the website that if its not a sraightforward application they will interview him which I presume they will do on the 18th. I don't understand why his application is not straightforward. He has never left Tunisia before, is registered as a student, never been in trouble with the authorities and my position is good in the UK - what more do they need.

Any advice would be appreciated - I'm at my wits end! If they say no, where do we go from here?


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Hi Sally,

I wish you good luck

if you post them now there is no gurantee he will receive them in time as i posted before and it took over 1 month to get there :-(, this may be what the problem is although, when my friends husband went for spouse visa they told him to come back 4 weeks later and they gave him the visa without interview so im hoping it will be the same for you :)

I know all they need to make sure is that he will return, and the fact he is student is good as he has reason to return.

not much help as never applied for visitor but hope it has put your mind at ease a little bit.

Jacqui x


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I know this is the same subject as most of these, so i apolgise!

Could some one let me know the do*****ts i need to get married in tunisia.

i know i need the certificate of no impediment. but i have read all the comments of needing bank statements and pay slips and everything else.

but are these paperwork for marrage or for trying to obtain a visa for living in uk?

any help would be very much appriciated as with all the different info i am reading is very confusing!!

thank you!!


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hi celine, my information may not be very up to date but before you needed your certificate of non impediment, this depends if you're planning on getting this in Tunisia or in the uk before you go there. If your doing this in Tunisia then you need to be there for over 21 days, your go to the consulate and give notice of marriage and this is posted on the wall for another length of days, cant quite remember how long. If no-one contests this then you apply for your non impediment. They only need to see your passport and you pay the fee and have a little interview. Then when you actually do the contract this is when you'll need a copy of your birth certificate-now this can differ as mine was my original however some need an up to date version and this needs to be translated, my advice would be to get this done locally as its quite expensive through the embassey, you'll also need your medical certificate from the doctor
You only need pay slips and bank statements for visa etc, these aren't needed for marriage
If you visit this will provide you with everything you need

Good luck


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Sally make sure he knows as much about you and your family as possible, if they do interview him they will try to make out he hardly knows you, hasn't known you for long and as they told my now husband, there is no guarantee he will come back to his life in Tunisia once he is over here. I am speaking from experience we tried for a holiday visa several times before we were married and was turned down each time even though I was living in Tunisia, had a contract for a house rental and my son was in school over there.
I hope you are luckier than I was.