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Rita Sherry

Can anyone please give me the email address of "Hotel Sol Azur" in Hammamet? - I am having trouble finding it on the internet from here in England and I wish to send a message. Thank you


Salam to all..

I wanted to share my wonderful holiday experience at the hotel Hammamet Grdens Resort in Hammamet..I stayed there 08/08/07 to 22/08/07. Well what can i say what a fantastic bunch of staff.Fab hotel. Entertainment(Labbas to the boys in the animation team) They were true proffesionals, talented to the extreme..Plus i met an absolute wonderful guy, who worked there, who spent time with me and my family during our vacation..Im in contact with him every day..Glad i found the post for cheap calls to tunisia on here as i was running up a bill that was a little high.lol..Kris i definately know where your coming from regarding this subject.Well im off back there in nov for two weeks to meet his family and friends..as its Ramadam soon and we both decided to spend it with our own families...i was wanting to know if anyone could suggest a b/b hotel in sousse for when i visit as he lives there and want to be in that location..Ive been there before at the Tour Khalef Hotel..near to the CASINO..xxxxxxx


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Hi ya,

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There are lots of hotels available in Sousse but one that I can recommend to you is the Royal Salem and its neighbouring hotel Marhaba which is more for the family, its a fantastic hotel and the staff are just so welcoming, the interior is not as modern as some but for convenience and friendliness youve found it. I know a few people who have stayed there now and love it, and my and my fiance visit there regularly to watch the shows and just relax and have a drink, we watched a great show there the other night and the animation are fantastic. It is situated on the Boulevard 7 November located between Sousse and Kantaoui so an ideal location if you want to go either way ;)

Good luck with the new man and keep us posted on the progress, Ramadan is approaching very fast and everyone is preparing for it x

Grace 111

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These are great hotel that you recommend, indeed. Have you stayed there many times before? I'm sure you know by experience which ones are best.:)


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Yes what one would you recommend the most and why?


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Hqas anhyone been here for a stay? What did you think of this place? I'd love to hear.


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Can anyone provide me some useful information on this hotel in Hammemet. Reviews that i am reading are mixed.

How nice is the beach? How far is it from the downtown area? Any good restaurants in walking distance. Someone said that the nearest market is 13 km away? Is that true?


sammohanty,you will be staying in the best hotel in yasmine hammamet you got the marina close to you,with restaurants caffe shops restaurants <try piano bar <you got as well a theam park with cool rides,and a new built medina which got a lot of restaurants,casino,cinema,caffe shops and with some night entertainments,you very close to everything,the beach is only 2 minutes away from the hotel,beleive me you´ll love it i baught an appartement last summer just behind the theampark i had very very good time there,right now my girl freind brother who is british flew there for holiday,i wish you good holiday,leelabeya is rated one of the best hotels in that erea


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Please see the main website as their is a full review there.


I stayed twice the first time as lovely and i was impressed with the themepark style of the hotel. The second time was not quite as good but maybe this was the bad weather and the fact I paid tice as much as booked in a rush!


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Thank you for sharing this site. I checked it out and have to say the rooms look very beautiful. What was the food like there? Thanks


Bel Azur

I haven't stayed at the Sol Azur but i have stayed at the Bel Azur, one of it's sister hotels! there are 3 hotels on the complex: Bel Azur 3 star, Sol Azur 4 star n Royal Azur 5 star. It was great, been there 4 times. going again soon. never had any problems, the food is good, rooms are clean, staff are friendly and the entertainment is brilliant! Defo recommend to any one. but take tissues for the toilets outside the hotel. he he. Let me know if u want any more info.


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La Sultan in Hammamet

Hello everyone,

Has anyone stayed at the La Sultan I am thinking about this hotel for New Years??


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What are some of the amenities at the hotel? To they happen to provide any tours? thank you. Just looking into different hotels.


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If you are looking for a lovely hotel to stay in.....look no further!!

I cannot stress enough how great these 2 hotels are. I have had the pleasure of staying in both, the Royal being a 5 star and the Sol being a 4 star....but they are both 5 star quality, no questions asked.

They have lovely pools and you can use each of the pools and all the outdoor facilities of the other hotel (because they are next to eachother and owned by the same people).....they BOTH have animation of a HIGH quality......private stretch of beach ONLY for hotel customers, plus sauna, massage and much more.They are situated close to shops and the Medina is a 20 min walk away....if that, but its a beautiful walk all along the coast. There is a supermarket near by, but in all honestly you MUST eat in the beautiful banquet halls because the food is second to none. Absolutely amazing and it keeps coming and coming and coming.....

I think the BEST thing about these hotels though, is how welcome you are made to feel. The staff remember names and room numbers and will bend over backwards to make sure you are comfortable and happy....children can be entertained safely all day, from olympics on the beach to making t-shirts in the hotel...fully supervised by high quality staff.

My family have gone back again and again and again, and its sooo hard to get a room now unless you book early....

Anyway, thats just my recommendations! xx


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I stayed in both those hotels too. Think I prefered sol azur tho but they were both good!


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Hi cdef
u are welcome to our website, can u please translate what u have written into English? so we can understand each other.


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Azur Hotels

The Azur hotels just up the road from the town centre and are part of the Les Orangers group, lookup them on google