Help! customs form on post?


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Great news Sian. My post office always ask where its going and always make sure it has a return address. They always ask about the value of the contents. Sometimes they take ages to get there and sometimes feesa, but everything I have ever sent is always opened when he gets it. The postmaster told me they can only track it until it reaches Tunisia after that no one knows. Anyway glad everything ok for you.


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i spoke too soon about it being there in one piece, apparently the packaging was ripped so it arrived wrapped in a plastic bag! lol but atleast all was inside that needed to be.
the post office always ask me of the value but no one has ever ensured that i put a return address, i forget to do it sometimes. i think the tracking until it reaches tunisia is a bit misleading because it tells you 'your parcel has been sent to the overseas postal service for delivery in tunisia' that to me means that it still in england, at an airport maybe, where it is being processed and will then be sent to tunisia. i don't think that message actually proves that it reached tunisia yet as apparently the long tracking number they give you for it means nothing in tunisia as they don't work with the same system.
anyway, i'm glad it got there in the end. :)


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Tunisian Posts announce disruption of mail service due to snow in Europe
The Tunisian Post Office announced on Thursday, a disruption of the mail service as a result of heavy snowfall there, both at departure and arrival.

For further information, customers can call the company’s call centre at: 1828.


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I sent a letter recorded delivery (signed for) on the 13th december and arrived it Tunisia on the 21st december. Guess i was lucky :D

Pleased that its finally arrived for you Sian. x