Hotels for unmarried Tunisian couples


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hi guys,

i saw this thread and thought "bingo". i am right into making decisions to visit my bf in january. first days we would like to stay in a hotel. but we are not married. as i had seen it now in oct, some hotels are really trouble. a friend of mine got married, had henna allover - but wasnt allowed to book a double room due to still not having the marriage certificate. back in feb i also booked 2 single rooms for me & my bf and we were not allowed to switch them into a double room. but we got adjoining rooms...hahaha. now i have even seen the advice "there might be probs if a double room is booked and one of the persons is TN nationality without residency in EU". this is what a couple of german tour ops write in their catalogues.
so i wondered if someone could tell me about hotel SAADIA in monastir. do they have probs? i would book a double room from here for the 2 of us. so no single and hiding a person or similar, but paying the normal prices for double occupancy - which is still more reasonable then to pay for 2 single rooms.
thx for sharing any experiences - also regarding the hotel itself.
take care.

janette b

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can you not ring the hotel and just ask them or try an email. A lot of hotels are quite understanding on this. No problems at riadh palms in sousse.


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no problems at royal beach either, i know people who have stayed there with their tunisian partners lol.


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ok, just to let u know. i called the hotel itself. and the receptionist told me that it is no problem at all to get a double room for a mixed couple without marriage certificate. so, put hotel SAADIA (monastir) on ur list as a possible option for u to stay.
(just wonder if i should get 2 rooms anyways - i think they have single = double rate during the we could change rooms daily - hahaha)


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saadia should be fine! practically all the animators there have english girlfriends, though i dont know if they booked separate rooms or not? but anyway i dont think it's a problem at all as the staff don't have a problem with it. i went there for a few evenings in october although it's all inclusive and we weren't guests lol, the staff didn't say anything to us.
Sian carmelitta's husband worked at the saadia and she went there many times to visit him so i think it would be ok! :) i'm also planning to stay there a few days in january as it's so cheap. its like 60 pounds for 2 people all inclusive for 3 nights! i dont have soo much money to spare, but people would spend 60 quid on a night on the town in england easily, and i hardly ever go out, so i dont feel guilty at all to keep staying in hotels all the time, its my justification! lol


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hi sianperkins89,
thx for sharing those insights with me. i might just ask sian carmelitta as well for more details. actually its not of importance if there is any luxury etc. i just need a clean room and some decent food.
hehe, if the animators have english girlfriends i suppose UK people are the common guests there. well, doesnt matter, as long as they treat me well too...hehehe.
well, soe hotels even in sousse and monastir do care about being guest or not and being married or not. thats why i just wanted to make sure.
maybe we'll meet up there coz i am planning for january as well. just 4 nights, but AI too. thought so myself that the prices are just fabulous... well, first of all i need to get vacation, need to find a flight and need to inform my family. well, and get my bf to got there with me... at least the hotel is clear so far LOL

abdou djemel

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ggoood luck goin 4 new year he he :) 3 weeks


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I have always booked a double when doing the original booking and if I can I put both mine and my boys name on the booking. I hadn't even considered having isseus. We have stayed at Les Citronniers Hotel in Hammamet, Hotel El Hana Beach in Sousse and there was one in Gammarth but I can't for the life of remember the name of it.


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Hi can anyone help me with any hotels that have no problem checking english women and tunisian boyfriends in the same room. My friend and i had no problem with El Mouradi Club Salima (PEK) but had trouble at Dreams Beach in June. We go 4 or 5 times a year for holiday with them and it is getting to be a problem so any advice would be much appreciated.Maybe we could draw up a list because know others in same situation.Thanks

hi friends say ridha palms in sousse is ok, my friend is going next week so will let u know how it goes xxx


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hi friends say ridha palms in sousse is ok, my friend is going next week so will let u know how it goes xxx

Me and BF are staying at Riadh Plams, I e-mailed them and they confirmed in writing that it wouldnt be an issue and also that there wouldnt be any extra charges x


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I stayed in Tej Marhaba hotel in Sousse and also Bellisaire and Flora Park Hotels in Yasmine Hammamet and had no problems in any of the hotels


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hello :) i am tunisian and i wos working receptonist in dreams beach in 2006 - 2008 if u want to have a room with ur boyfriend u have to book reservation with a company like thomascook and u will have a voucher for 2 personne than no body can stop u and in tunisia no probleme 2 have room with tunisia ur boyfrian shuld show hs passport or edt card to the reception and thy will mak a copy that is all :) .


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hi there,
how about the experiences in riadh palms? i heard the mixed-but-not-married-couple-thing isnt an issue. so i dont need to ask for any advice on that. but how were your experiences at the hotel right now @all, who have just stayed there recently?
thanx for sharing.
hi there , in saadia hotel you won thave a problem at all bookin one room as i used to go there as it very cheap not that worried about luxury i dont really stay in hotels as my husband used to work there last year b4 w e married i used to go there now stay in the family home but has quit animation , there is no problems at all even other ladies who have tunisan boyfs,fiances etc dont have problem soo no worries about bookin a room there ... thanks .x


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does anyone know about la residence hammamet hotel? i booked it now so hopefully wont have any problems!
also do you ladies put ur boyfriends name on the booking or what? or he just turns up there every night? maybe thats why you have a problem, if your trying to get him in there without including his name in the booking? ....

What was that hotel like? is that the really cheap one
Its so cheap I have been scared to book it but might need a couple nights next month and I think this hotel has cooking facilities etc- so much better with a baby!! please let me know- if not I will have to catch u on fb :D


Hi all, can anyone suggest a cheap hotel in tunis that is near the uk embassy? which will accept unmarried couples. Many thanks


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Hmm the British embassy is in Lac which is a more expensive area than most. have a look there for the latest prices.

It is a goo place to stay however as at the moment the center of Tunis is not 100% safe with the current protests.


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Hi Kris
whereabouts are these hotels:

Yadis Ibn Khaldoun Hotel and Diplomat?



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We spent part of our honeymoon in Tunis and spent ages trying to find good deals on hotels which didn't seem to exist. We ended up staying in an apartment and that too was expensive. Not a good time to go to Tunis either, be very careful.


Suburbs as well as centreville