i need my husband here to be able to stop the adoption of our baby son.


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Hello there
my husband is a tunisian national whom i married in 2017, we soon after fell pregnant with our son Youssef, but now because of my past history he has been taken away, does anyone know any way or ideas of how i can plead to the visa people to get my husband here urgently as our son could be adopted at any time. i dont earn much money but have people whod support me and my husband while he visits to help stop the adoption process. any advice greatly received. please feel free to email me at [email protected]. many thanks


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This sounds like a complex situation and one where I would urge professional advice.

Those people who are supporting you would be best advised to help you get this advice/legal aid as a matter of urgency.


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What Kris said, seek legal counsel. Where are you from?