I want to learn Tunisian/Arabic!


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talking about Tunisian dialect, does anybody know how i can get some books or courses? there must be some. i asked my friends in Tunis ,but they didn't find any. Of course i would rather stay one year in tunisia and learn it, but i can't afford:)


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Alexs, since I met my husband Ive been looking for the same and have had no joy. It's all either standard arabic or directed towards other countries such as Egypt.


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As many of us are familiar with Tunisia & have contacts out there.

I was wondering if any1 has learnt the language or picked much if it up?

Id really like 2 learn it properly as i only know bits & pieces that i have learnt over the years by going there enough 2get me by.

Learning alot from my fella mainly the rude one's hahaha:D


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Selz my problem is that I manage to remember the rude ones too. And unfortunately they dont help when trying to talk to my mum in law :)


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ha ha yeah i know swear words but i did pick up quite a lot to
im off to school doing basic arabic on the 9 june but tunisians have there own style of language i think but it will help pick it up and they will be able to understand me i hope


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yeah they do have their own style dont they u r right there!!!

also some words have 2 meanings which gets really confusing remembering which one is 4 what!!

got a friend in morocco & theirs is different again 2 tunisia or egypt.


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Hello everybody. I’m Ana and I’m about to begin a séjours linguistiques en Ecosse. in England. Does anyone can give me some tips about England as I would like to know and learn more in English? Other of my friend did one of the Sprachkurs in Germany and more or less everybody has decided to continue learning English, its really was a wonderful experience!

But my best friend invite me to study English course Malta which is sounds interesting, if anyone has any tips please tell me! Thanks in advance.


'Aslemma and 'aidkum mabruk to all members! I am new here and not so familiar with the forum. I spend several months each year in Tunisia in the Cap Bon region and, of course have started to learn Arabic. I have made good progress but it would be helpful to have some written material on the tunisian dialect. Does anybody know of books, website, etc. where this topic is covered? I would appreciate any response.


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Welcome to the forum Labaas, there is a thread on here about learning Arabic, Im sure there is some info on there.


thanks will have a look


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Welcome Labaas,

You'll find loads of useful info on here.


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Welcome to the forum, Labaas

As Essem and Truly said, there is loads of useful information on here ... I'm still finding interesting things... :)



if i wanted to learn to speak (tunisian arabic) how would i go about it, do i just learn arabic or can i learn actual (tunisian arabic) . thanks
hi my name is Sobia and i would just like to say hello to everyone and also thanks for the helpful tips in learning the tunisian dialect shukran.......:)


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Hi Sobia;
welcome to the forum , if u need to learn more arabic words , just tell me , i can help u :)


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it is estimated about 1% of the tunisian population who speak Berber language . there are only 26,000 speakers of a Berber language called "Djerbi" (But which Tunisians call "Shelha") in Tunisia, all in the south around Djerba and Matmata. The more northerly enclave of Sened apparently no longer speaks Berber. This would make 0.3% of the population.


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The Madinah Book Series by Dr V Abdur Rahim which is used by Madinah University to teach English speaking students the Arabic language. This course will contain everything an individual needs to learn the Arabic Language (Classical and Modern Standard) from complete beginner to advanced level Insha'Allah (God Willing).

Click here to download the book