I want to marry my Tunisian girlfriend in court.

Hi dear
I want to marry my Tunisian girlfriend in court. She's 21 and I'm 29 from Pakistan currently living and working in Dubai. So please anyone will help to tell me that what's procedures for court marriage in Tunisia. And how much have to pay in court. Plz I need all details. Thanks


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What do u mean by court?
Yes. I want to do court marriage in front of judge. So how I can do this ????


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U can marry in the registery office no marriage in court
Ahh. Thanks. Where I can find any registery office in Tunis city???? And how much I have to pay there? And what’s document required of me and my girlfriend???


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Where in Tunisia is your girlfriend from?


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Ok u need too get a blood test done at hospital local too souse thats about 30 dinar u need these blood tests too marry then u need your birth certificate and u need certificate of no independent too marry
Are u a muslim?
I’m from Pakistan and living in DUBAI last 10 years


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Ok so u need certificate of no independent, translated to arabic then blood tests at hospital u birth certificate u must go too your local register office too say u get married after 28 days u free too marry then book date at local registery office in sousse hope this helps lisa mejri

Sara bou sara

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I am goina through the same situation ....what did u do ..did u get married


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she Invited me in Tunisia. And I took all her family in Eden hotel in Yasmin Hammamet on luxury vacation for one week. And we did engagement with her family presence. We stayed in Hammamet for one week. She made thousands of fake promises and fake swears to me. Also her family did same.
After 5 years today all finished. They don’t know me even.

Bro it’s advice for you. Be careful to Tunisian. They are fake. They have innocent faces with black heart. They are like black wolf. Don’t trust. And don’t think if u get marry to her you can fly for Europe. It’s more difficult for you to move from Tunisia to Europe. And your culture and Tunisian culture are totally different.

I destroyed my life for her.
Be careful bro.
always the world ( They ) , always judging all