I want to marry my Tunisian girlfriend in court

Hi dear
I want to marry my Tunisian girlfriend in court. I'm from Pakistan and living and doing buisness in Dubai. I know her more than 4 years. Last year I visited Tunisia. Now we want to do court marriage. Plz anyone can tell me what I have to do court marriage with her and what's documents required. She's 21 and I'm 29 years old.


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Firstly you have not said which country you want to get married in.

Secondly you get married in the town all or administration I would hope not in the court.

I only know the process from the UK not pakistan so I would suggest you speak with your embassy in Tunisia if that is where you wish to marry as the process may be different for your country.

It may also be easier for your fiance to visit her local administration and ask as each time they can ask for different things and since they will be issuing the marriage certificate.

Good Luck!

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