Just met a guy from Tunisia never done this before he seems genuine help


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I’m 35 he is 25 and a college student and I really like home they can’t all be,can they


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❤ Good luck. Tunisian men are great. Sweet. Romantic. Best of luck to you.


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I ment I really like him and they can all be bad
Here are some questions.

  • Are you much older then him....10 years so yes.
  • Are you from a richer country?
  • Are you richer than him?
  • Does he have an education and a job?
  • Did you meet him on holiday? or on the internet?

They are not all bad but there is a cottage industry and its called "bezness" look it up. There is even a movie about it.

Take you time, assume its a scam and enjoy it for what it's worth.

Dont loose your senses if he is a scammer he will want money and visa soon(ish) as if not he could be spending time with a more productive victim.