Le Diplomat hotel in Tunis


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Has anyone stayed at the Le Diplomat in Tunis? I am thinking of booking it as it seems nice from the online ads and is close to where we will be going in the city.

Black Mamba

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It's next to where I live and it looks quite nice plus it's in the centre of Tunis, so should be good :)


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great location, have never stayed there though :cool:


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Made our reservation, inshallah will be nice! Totally nervous about the embassy so need a comfortable room to relax in lol

will let you know how it is :D


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Just got back from Tunis. The hotel was very nice :c) four stars as far as tunisian hotels go (not quite american standards)

Had valet parking and we were served drinks while we waited for our car key. Breakfast was included with our room however we did not have time to eat as we did not want to be late for our appointment :c( The bed was VERY comfortable. All the furniture was very dated though. like back to the 70's i think loool. had a flat screen tv. The lobby is very beautiful. Also had wireless in the room. Staff was friendly and helpful. Got the room for 50 dollars on orbitz which i would happily pay again :c)