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Hi, i will be at Liberty hotel in skanes in november, any information about this hotel?? I saw the pics it looks nice, but i will like to know how is once you are inside.
Is someone has been in november there? thanks :D


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has someone been there? i meant xx

the highlander

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hi there
thats the hotel where my friend got scammed by sam in the animation team
he is acctually from sister hotel the neptunia beach but gets moved down there in oct nov when neptunia shuts
as far as hotel was concerned she said it was lovely, food wasnt that good and when she was there last year weather wasnt good
also its got nothing round about it
so if you want to go out you have to go to soouse or monastir
if i get anymore info i will pass it on
but after what happened she says its one holiday she wants to forget
ora best
the highlander


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thanks for the information, i know the area, skanes, i've been before.
This time i'm going there for a wedding..(not mine)
Sorry for you friend
i will check if the rat is still there xxxx


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:) I like the hotel.

Food was better than the other one we know in Skanes. Its busier and bigger too.

The hotel has the Zanzibar which is small, but its open to the guests. Rooms are big.

I shall see you there my lovely ;-)


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I have never stayed in the hotel but i did go for an evening as my fiance works as a fakir and does a show there once a week with two other guys. But it did look very nice and i got speaking to a few of the people who were staying there and they said it was very good. It is a bit in the middle of no where by the airport but as u said u have been there b4 so u know it is not far to get anywhere... Hope this helped xx