Looking for apartment/hotel room in Hammamet or Nabeul


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URGENT:Hi everyone!I'm looking for a one or two bedroom apartment(in hotel) or small house (3-4 beds)to rent for mid July 09/Aug 09 for ~TDN120/wk. Swimming pool facilities would be nice!Must be fairly walkable from the beach or centre. Can any one recommend anywhere(clean,quiet),with contact details!Thanks!


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Hi Soltef,
I was also looking for appartment/small house earlier today (but in Tunis), then came across this website. But I'm afraid of that the prices was quite high. Don't know if you have a tunisian husband or boyfriend. If so I think he will have a much better chance to find something for a good price. My ex husband lived in Hammamet and it was always him as arranged appartments for us, so I know it's possible to find something for a good price. But I could never have managed that myself since the landlords only spoke arabic. And also I think that when the landlord knows of that a western person is involved, the prices rises.


Good luck!xxx


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Good morning Soltef, hope that you and your kids are all in good health! I can name you some hotels in Nabeul but i'm not sure if it the price that you are asking for...Some of the hotels on Nabeul are called...
Ave Mohamed V
Nabeul 8000 Tunisia
Phone: 72-286555

Les Pyramides Hotel Ave Habib BourguibaNabeul, Tunisia, (216) 72-285777

Nabeul Beach Hotel , Nabeul, Tunisia, (216) 72-286-111

Theres the Lido hotel in between hammamet and Nabeul
Lido.jpgAve 7 Novembre Nabeul 8075 Tunisia

Hope that helps abit.....try them out on the internet because its saying that you have to put dates in and how many people are going then it will give you a price..Good luck..


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Hi Soltef just remembered another one but it is a really cheap hotel its in Bir challouf in Nabeul, Jasmine hotel..Check it out on the internet, just 2 mins away from the beach...


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Hiya bud,

I doubt you will get anything that price, get your guy to look for something, but I really think something will have to give on the list of want's LoL. I will keep trying for you, but your guy should be able to find something easy, and come back to you with costs!


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Hi Melliec hope that you and your family are all in good health! I must admit it is easier and cheaper when you go in person...Last year we went to Tunis and found a hotel with a price that you could not believe on the price list, so i waited at the reception so that it could be quiet anyway these 3 English guys come down from their rooms to settle up and he was charging them 180tnd per night but in actual fact the price list said 150 per night, when i tryed to ask again they said that as my husband was Tunisian we coud have a room for 3 of us 4 120 per night for all of us...I started talking what little arabic i knew got myself understood and then told the guy behind the receptionist that i had seen the room and that he was taking liberties , he said take it or leave it, me then trying to be smart arse said if you dont give me the room for 70 tnd for that night then i would tell the 3 English guys that he was doing them buy over charging them, not a word came out of his mouth apart from his friend who laughed and said cant you see that she is a chatana and ended up giving me the room and that night he was so nice to us....haggling in Tunisia is a must even in a hotel.....You don't try , you don't get...


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HI Roulla, LoL you have to haggle! LoL the family are well thank you, Bardleigh is oblivious to the attention and Reya~Sian just loves having everyone around to play with her (shes big sister but only 18 months old)
I agree you need to be there in person, but Soltefs guy should be able to arrange something, but its going to be hard at 120 dinar a WEEK to accomodate 4 people!


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Silly monkey..

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!What do you ladies do when your man is having a bad sulk/not speaking to you(like mine is)?Don't they just drive you up the wall sometimes..


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Hi Soltef my hubby is to old to sulk and yes that would really get on my nerves...Let him sulk til he decides to grow up...You got your kids 4 to worry about doubt if you need another..


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I want to start looking for an apartment now for april-october next year... just to get prices... i am not that fussy... 1bed apart or studio within hammamet.. tidy looking is all i am bothered about any ideas would be great!! xx