maritime projects in zarzis


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Tunisia : establishment of important projects
to boost maritime transport in Zarzis

Various projects initiated in the context of the xith developmental plan ( 2007-2011) are under construction in Zarzis’s commercial port in order to promote maritime transport in that region .

These new projects that reached an amount of 50 million TD , aim essentially at consolidating the basic infrastructure through the extension of the port’s seat and the oil ‘s platform as well as the development of public ports , the lighting of platforms and the embellishment of the port’s surrounding .

In addition , several projects were fulfilled in this port with an investment amount of 12 million TD which have largely contributed to promoting services quality .Among these projects , there are the dredging of the port , the construction of an elevator , the installation of signposts and the maintenance of the port’s equipments .

This port contributes by 3% of the total goods transport movement at the national level .the port’s docking systems are composed of 5 platforms with a 950 meters of length .

Zarzis is a coastal town in southeastern Tunisia , on the coast of Mediterranean sea . it is a popular tourist destination mixing the old and the traditional. It has a major port where a park of economic activities is based. In fact this very port is of major importance and played a very crucial role throughout the history of Zarzis, to the Phoenicians , Romans and Arabs the port was of strategic importance. :)


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Hi Sana hope that you are in good health! I have never been to Zarzis before, is it nice ?


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I have been there and my partner is from there. Its lovely. I prefer it to Hammamet and Sousse. More traditional too.