Marriage to Tunisians


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Welcome to the forum Zara and happy posting!


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Welcome to the forum Zara I hope that you enjoy it like we all do!:)


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Welcome to the forum Zara :) xx


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Hi, I've bought a flight with Thmas Cook but unfortunately can't go. Leaving Sunday 30th December from Birmingham International Airport 25kg luggage, returning the following Sunday 6th January 20kg luggage. I paid £400 and would accept any reasonable offer. Please contact me if anyone is interested, thanks.


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Hi Zara can you not pay to change the dates and travel another time?


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you can change the dates on your flight, i had to do it i was going the same dates but now im going the 9th untill the 16th, they will charge you to change but you can deffo do it hun, good luck with your wedding i am also getting married in june 2013 and i am very excited, but yes you will need, birth cert! get new one so its not old, also bans read! at least 30days before you go, blood tests done together at a doctors in his city,for me its tunis he is going to sort this out for us both, everything has to be translated .also when you are married you will need everything translated back in to english so you both have a cope so when you want to change your name in england you have everything to prove your married as most places will not take your arabic documents, good luck with everything.xxxxxxxxxxxxx