Marrying a Tunisian

Hello my dear friends, I need your help.
I'm getting married in august to my wonderful tunisian boyfriend/partner.
I know i need CONI from the uk, to be translated at the british embassy in tunis.
my divorce papers,, full birth certificate to be translated in tunisia.
passport sized photo's. passport. medical certificate form a tunisian doctor...

I have seen on website about getting married in tunisia, that the CONI needs to be legalised by the f.c.o ??

"the names on all doucements you provide must appear exactly as they do on your passport, IF not the authorities may refuse to allow the marriage to go ahead.
you may need to provide evidence if the name on your passport is different to your birth certificate (eg marriage certificate or deed poll)"

My birth certificate is in my maiden name of taylor BUT my passport is in my married of weir.
I divorced my first husband & i have my divorce papers.
SO does this mean that with birth certificate & passport having 2 different surnames, I CAN'T GET MARRIED IN TUNISIA IN AUGUST ??? I'M SO CONFUSED :( THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP. Love & hugs
Hi I also have the same problem as yourself. My real birth certificate is in one name my adopted papers in another name and my passport in a different surname as I kept my ex husbands surname


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I have a question because I am confused and my situation is very complicated. I married a Tunisian in 2016 I didn’t know that he was using me for papers and I truly was in love with him, after he physically abused me in 2019, I had enough and told him I wanted a divorce, he went and joined the military so he can get citizenship and now in April 2021 my divorce is final after not being with him since Jan 2020 and in July of 2021 he remarried a Tunisian woman. Can I marry a Tunisian man again and have him come live in the us with me without any issues with immigration


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I read your post and I am sad to hear what you had gone through.


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Hello all!

I have been going through a lot of troubling understanding laws and regulations and all just seems to confuse my mind more.

I have a girlfriend living in Tunisia, and she is a minor orphan. We both love each other dearly and I wish to marry her and bring her to Pakistan. I need to know the procedures that I need to go through for this.


You simply apply to marry in Tunisia


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I read your post and I am sad to hear what you had gone through.
She has to come to Tunisia to marry or you go there to marry here but their laws are very strict if your not a Pakistani man