Marrying a Younger Tunisian Man

It's not real, get a grip! Harsh maybe, but almost certainly true. I've finished my rant, do your own research and ask yourself if you're not attracting these men/children in your own country, why do you think the poor living in a developing country under severe economic crisis would find you an interesting prospect.
this answer is something i really can apply on my on situation! Thank you so much. I would really like to know more about how they work on this. How the young men do it, when they are fishing for women. no it´s not true feelings, even if i wish it was, but is it possible to get them or him to admit it?
Because their such professionals in what they do! And it works only for them in the end and not their unfortunate wives.
but how do they become such professionals? where do they learn all this?
Oh my goodness-thank you for your feed back-I only wish with all of these things mentioned that I had someone who i knew out in Tunisia who knows him-to tell me what he is like...I am only going by his beautiful words he tells me each conversation...His words are not of ever asking for money-with much conversations, couple times a day-for a month's worth of time- not once asked for anything-he seems genuine from the heart.BUT I do hear you about children-he is strong in his faith of Muslim belief and I have researched to know that children bearing is of importance to him and his culture....This forum has helped me so much!!!! I appreciate all the advice given!!!
i must say i am in a similar situation as you are, and the answers here are really helping me to stay strong and not fall. So thank you all so much for advise and sharing


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I looked in the 700 euro mobile phone i bought him when in tunisia at hotel. After meeting his family..a year full of constant love and promises . I still looked.
I found a zillion other relationdhips..texts..messages and he cslled them all bby..all got same songs and pics and promises.
All lies .
Hi you need help ?
Has anyone married a younger Tunisian man age difference of 25 years and been approved the spouse visa, I am worried because of 20 yr old and 45 yr old (I don't look much older than him LOL). How many have you been accepted? I know mine is genuine but just interested to know.
I am married to a Tunisian man much younger.