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Dear All,

I am living in the UK and I will be having my wedding in Tunisia in early September 07. Can anyone advise or suggest on how to find a florist, wedding cake, make up artist and hairdressers near Gammarth. I will be in Tunisia in August 3 weeks before the wedding to get all of these things sorted. Would love to get in conatct with any english speaking people in Tunisia.


Can anyone help me,I'm in love with an Tunisia Man,and he loves me, what are the rules of marriage for a Tunisia man to an American woman ? is there is anyone who can help me with this questian


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This sounds expensive ;-)

To be straight you should firstly see the US embassy in Tunis and/or check their website.

They should be able to tell you what you need I would presume it is much like the UK system however I canot be sure as I have alwas thought that the US oul be more difficult as that is what you hear down the grap vine.


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I am in exactly the same situation but i'm from the uk, really difficult to know what to do. Let me know how you get on.
Good luck


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As for the UK, you can find plenty of info here on site under Culture - Family Life - Marriage. Good luck!


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As pej says as i am from the UK and my wife is from bizerte I have pretty much documented the whole process and even have some videos and photos on here and the main website.


I am looking to marry a Tunisian man in October but I need to know what paperwork is needed before I go ahead can anyone help?


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Hi Jade

Hi Jade,

Welcome to the site :)

There is a thread called getting tunisians to the uk - this has all the information as to the paperwork you need to marry - I know the post is really long ;)!!! but if you can have a read through I think you will feel a bit better as there is a lot of info on there and if have more questions then feel free to ask.

I know it seems all long and drawn out, but hopefully worth it all in the end lol, good luck hun and welcome again x


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Anybody Want Any Information On Wedddings Please Leave Me A Message I Will Explain All To You In 44 And Been Married Living Here For 5 Years So If I Can Help I Will Message Me


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I'm married to a Tunisian too. We live in the UK bot plan to live in Tunisia when I retire. How are things for you?


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if you have money its a great life but as im married to a tunisian and im not allowed to work then i live on his wages now and we live poor but very happy its nothink like the uk its so laid back people care about people and they ben over backwards to help anyway they can but if your both english then u wilol have a great life good luck


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yeh i totally agree so how did u manage to work and where are you im an ex prison officer and i find it realy hard to get work even working in a hotel but i carnt sopeak there langueage i find it very hard i understand some what they say but its mixed french and some workds mean same its so confusing but id love to work where in tunisia are you im not far from fukaya


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Getting Married in October

Anybody Want Any Information On Wedddings Please Leave Me A Message I Will Explain All To You In 44 And Been Married Living Here For 5 Years So If I Can Help I Will Message Me

I have a question regarding the getting married in Tunisia. I understand the papert work but is there a wedding like in the states or just signing the contract and filing at the court house. It is just going to be the two of us and the wittness but I would like something more. Do you have any suggestions?


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When you get married in Tunisia is there a wedding like in the US?


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Welcom to the forum!

Nope not quite

The registry office bit s simmillar but you do not have a imam marrying you (though the men may visit te mosque) as a marriage is a civil rather than religious contract.

Once you have done this you can then go for the big one if you like and have a reception with you both on thrones

I have my wedding video on the forum so you can se what one islike though most weddings have subtle differences, budget and local traditions.


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how exactly are tunisian weddings? i can't imagine them being like the usual christian wedding, right?


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Oh it varies... the legal part is the signing of the contract - but parties can go on for 3-4 days. Kris (site owner) has posted his and Hajer's wedding video here on site. My wedding on the other hand was much simpler.


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Hi All,

I am due to get maried fingers crossed in December. I have a certified copy of my birth certificate and I collected my independant paper yesterday.

What I need to confirm is the paperwork I received from the embassy in Tunis confirmed what I needed I have done all except the medical with a tunisian doctor which has been arranged for the 3rd December in french and the embassy will also do my translations however do I need to get my birth certificate legalised as I don't wish to go over again and find I can't get married especially as my family have all booked flights?

Also I have looked at all the forums and the feeback on VISA's and wanted to know which one you would recommend I applied for. My planned date of marriage is 7th December and on the 10th December I will drive back to Tunis to register my marriage. I will take my job contract 3 months payslips and bank statements alongwith my savings book. I will also draft the letter of invitation but as there is so much to take in and getting concerned the closer it gets.


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your wedding

I want to say first of all congratulations :)

When i got married in tunisia I had to have cert of no impediment and also birth certificate which had to be issued no more than 21 days before my visit.

I notices you said you have 3 months bank statements for Visa I had to take 6 months and 6 months of payslips also. My friend had to return to the UK to get the statements fax over because she only had 4 with her so please check with the embassy before you go.

Im not sure but as far as I am aware you dont need a letter of invitation unless he is only coming for a holiday.

Hope this has helped

Good Luck

Jacqui x


hey Gina
i wish you all the best for everything you acheiving in your life