More Visa help please


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I have been busy reading through all of the various visa threads, and I have requested some help previously but I was wondering if anyone knew if it is an advantage if the person has already travelled? My friend has a passport and he has left Tunisia to visit both Germany and Sweden on several occasions, always returning to Tunisia. The plan is for him to visit me here (UK) for a week and I was kind of hoping the fact that he has previously left and returned to Tunisia may be an advantage? Sadly he doesn't have a lot of assets - he doesn't own a property or anything but he is in full time employment and he has obviously been able to leave the country before - but does anyone know if these countries have different requirements from the UK?

Sorry to be a pain and thank you for your help :confused:

Jane BM

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It all helps without a doubt, it shows he has a track record of returning.

As for his job, if he has a work contract then it would be good to include that.


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Thank you Jane BM, that's reassuring. And yes, his work contract should be possible to include. I really hope he can come, he deserves a break- he works himself into the ground and puts everyone else first all the time so I will keep my fingers crossed. Not that the officials care about that sort of thing, but still!