Older women married to younger Tunisian men

Hello there

I know there are many women like me, who have married younger Tunisian men, but where are you? are any of you reading this forum? How are you managing the cultural and age differences?
i know there are many european woman with younger men in most arab countries,and its variable as to how successful it is.
are you living together in the UK.?
i have an aquaintance who married a Morrocan guy 2 years ago ,they live in England and Wahid works in a nursing home.
pretty well all the money he earns,he sends back to his family,and this seems to be the norm.?
whether this union will stand the test of time ,i,m really not sure,for there is a 44 year age difference.


Hello there

I know there are many women like me, who have married younger Tunisian men, but where are you? are any of you reading this forum? How are you managing the cultural and age differences?
I am married to a much younger tunisian and at first found it very difficult with the culture but now im ok


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Hi All

Just wanted to join the conversation i am not married to younger tunisian we are the same age but what money we earn we share seems strange to me sending all his money home to his family.Good luck to everyone though.



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just wanted to join in

Nicola said:
hi there i agree with Sbl123, my husband and i are about the same age and our money is shared and we pay everything 50/50 ie bills etc... i would no way tolerate him sending huge amounts of money home...
I would say its fair for 50/50 but allow him to sent a little money home but not a lots as they feel a duty to support their family back home.
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As an older gentleman who thinks the Tunisians are amongst the loveliest ( and most handsome) people on the planet, I can see your attraction, so go girl, but if you look up The London Tunisian Ex pat meeting group, then you will find these lovely people who meet once a month around the capital, and hubby can get hints and help about intergration etc. Good fortune to you both:)
With regards to sending money home, that’s what foreigners do, it’s a basic requirement, one to help support their family and two to buy/ build a property for his and his new wife’s use in the future. I haven’t had to face this personally, but would agree on a set amount if I did, as at the end of the day, they are making a new life here, together with new responsibilities and obligations. A little has to go a long way sometimes and it’s about prioritising and compromising! :)


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Hi I WAS married to a Tunisian 8yrs my junior, what was his was HIS and what was mine was HIS!!!!!! Ring any bells??? Follow your instincts you will see its not acceptable. Good luck.


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Some tunisians avoid going home as automatically people think that they are rich and they do not understand that the cost of living in europe is so so much higher. Even when things are cheap you can spend a lot of money quickly when you have a large family.


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Hi Kris I totally agree with what you are saying just because you live in the Uk the family do tend to think we are loaded, so far from it. :mad: Ist visit back you take lovely chocolates PG tips for Omi to try, tea towel with London on it etc the 2nd time they sisters want coco chanel, the brother wants armani jeans, omi looks at the tea like Oh thanks, LOL :D


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I agree Nicola, but it also depends on if he helped his family before he moved. My husband used to send half his wages home every month when he worked in Sousse and that is obviously a big miss to hs family now that he is here. they never ask for anything but we do try to send some home every now and again just to help them out, but only if and when we can afford it.
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Hi I am new at all this and I feel my first message is on a personal subject. I think its the Tunisian or muslim way to help the family especially the sons but they know its expensive in uk so to send a little helps them a lot. I had a younger english husband he left me so who knows with any culture.
I am new at this and just joined. I think Tunisians seem to me not to worry about age the cultural difference maybe a challenge as I think english woman are very independent and some are stong minded son't know if this is acceptable for some of them I suppose its like anything give & take. I was married to a younger english guy and he left me so who knows you have to grasp the moment in life
I am 14 years older than my Tunisian Husband and we have been married for 6 months now and together for more than a year. I think it really depends on the 2 people in the marriage. I am very young at heart and I need someone younger to just be able to keep up with me. LOL My husband seems older and than his years. So it is working out very well for us so far.


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Hello all,
first to cuddlyboo yes big cultural differences you say "I am ok now" I tried to change soooooo much to adapt to how my ex hubby wanted me to be but he was not willing to make any changes, needless to say it didn't work out!! I hope you are not making the same mistake. Second Ann Amaira I love your quote, re-quote, every time I think of it it makes me laugh :D
hi im sylvia. married to slim, 4yr now and still ok, we have been in england 2yr july we need to get visa again so we can be together perminent.thay dont make things easy do thay.you have the stress of trying for set visa,then refusal,then appeal, we won ,some dont,my friend is still trying ,and she went for the easy irish visa,plus im not rich, if you have money its not so hard going,but i had to put away every penny,slim waswaiting on at a hotel and got just about his rent and food money,so a visa to england at £300 took ages to save.on top u have flights if i was to see him,it was hard,he was refused ,we won appeal, but that draged on for 1yr, he tryfor work,as the job he was offerd went as it took so long for him to get the appeal,no jobs in manchester so my friend said come to gatwick lots of work, she gave slim a room,he got jobs with an agancy i packed up and joined him,we now have a flat privet rented as slim cant get any public funds for 2 yr. so i have to keep him iff he dont have work,so the council take council tax but we cant get house .thay give all to e u persons that can walk in the country get help as soon as thay arive. we had to fight from day one ,now we are saveing the 1000 for the visa to stay . we are together and happy slim is 28 i am 60. we dont worry about age . what is age ? its the stress of life that makes problems .and the immigration people dont help
we try to live our lives ,but when ur married to a tunisian u are never alone, someones sick in the family, dad wants to finish the house we started 2yr ago, thay get a set amount from us each month, but somthing always comes up, like u say befor we came to england life went on,on the money thay had. ok i dont mind the money to help them each month,or in emergancys giving extras. but an extra was sat tv.and what thay see thay think we get cheep, some of its cheeper in tunis. but its better if thay can sat it came from uk, we got told that someones brother broght this and that can u get it for us. its like keeping up with the joneses. u are rich now the street expects u to have all mod cons.nice when we both work all week ,and overtime.my husband loves his family but he is now finding out how to say no lay lay.
Any alarm bells Sylvia? If you havent got the money when he is not working you cannot send it!


I would like to see his family cope with the cost of living in UK!!!