Older women married to younger Tunisian men


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hi im sylvia. married to slim, 4yr now and still ok, we have been in england 2yr july we need to get visa again so we can be together perminent.thay dont make things easy do thay.you have the stress of trying for set visa,then refusal,then appeal, we won ,some dont,my friend is still trying ,and she went for the easy irish visa,plus im not rich, if you have money its not so hard going,but i had to put away every penny,slim waswaiting on at a hotel and got just about his rent and food money,so a visa to england at £300 took ages to save.on top u have flights if i was to see him,it was hard,he was refused ,we won appeal, but that draged on for 1yr, he tryfor work,as the job he was offerd went as it took so long for him to get the appeal,no jobs in manchester so my friend said come to gatwick lots of work, she gave slim a room,he got jobs with an agancy i packed up and joined him,we now have a flat privet rented as slim cant get any public funds for 2 yr. so i have to keep him iff he dont have work,so the council take council tax but we cant get house .thay give all to e u persons that can walk in the country get help as soon as thay arive. we had to fight from day one ,now we are saveing the 1000 for the visa to stay . we are together and happy slim is 28 i am 60. we dont worry about age . what is age ? its the stress of life that makes problems .and the immigration people dont help
Thank you darling for saying you also don't worry about age ..age to my husband and I is just a number it is what comes from the heart and soul ..bless you both