Osteopaths or Physiotherapists



I am going to be in Hammamet from Dec 10 and wondered if anyone knew a good physio or osteo for a bad back! Any help gratefully received. :confused: Very sore!


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Maybe you can find a good one while there by asking in pharmacies or in your accomodation?


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There is a fantastic British trained osteopath in Tunis. If you can't get up to Tunis then you should look out for a kinesitherapeuth (sp?) which is the french version of a physio.

Grace 111

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It's good to know about the doctors available in Tunisia. Is there a long wait to see one? Depending on the doctor, you sometimes can be seen immediately.


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Hi Grace,

From my experience of having to visit many doctors in Tunisia, I can say there is no wait at all for a doctors appointment, you may have to wait if there are people wanting to be seen too on that day but actually its a case of walk in and get seen - not an appointment only service like my doctors in the UK, I do remember the very first time when I asked my fiance to ring and make a doctors appointment for me, he just looked at me and laughed and replied 'its not the UK' I still made him telephone the doctor and the receptionist said come when you want :D.

Grace 111

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Hello Kelly !!

We had appointments and some doctors offices keep them and some don't. I usually learn from my bad decisions about them. Some I will wait well over an hour or more for one appointment. Now, I have great doctors for the girls. They always can be seen right away. Emergencies do happen sometimes, don't they?:)