PLEASE help to translate!


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Thank you youssef, but its a quite long conversation, where can i post it ?


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''Winek? ===> Where are you ?

kont nahki m3a limra ==> i was speaking with the wife

Aya behi ===>> ok good

W taw tetlhe b sa7bek ===> Now give attention to your friend

ok matestrétinich khalini nik rou7i ==> ok, don't get me stressed, let me do it myself

béhi ==> ok (deal,ect.....)

Ok ema dima ekteb fi 3a9lek bech matsanehech ==>> ok but always write it down slow so you don't forget it

B rapid ==> be Quick

Ok frero ==> ok Brother

wadha7 ===> Clear

salem ==> Hello

Hhhhhh ===> Hahaha

M3alem bech naba3thelha ena ba3id karbostal ==> Boss i'm gonna send her a postal card

Ena fhem s7i7 ==> I understand right

ok ==> Ok

Sa7bi bech te5o ladress ==> My friend, she is taking the adress

mouch wa9tou ==> its not time

Ema 7alebtelha te7ki traduction ==> But i figured out talking traduction (translate)

Chofha hay ba3thet => Look she just sent

ey mani nabta chwaya ==> yes, i'm slow

kima 9otli ==> Like you told me

Ok ==> Ok

Chbik t5amam ==> why are you thoughtfull

Rani mafhemtech il mara hethi ==> i didn't understand this time

Cht7eb t9oul ==> what does it says

taw tifhem ==> you will understand

taktik jdid ==> New plan

Bdid nfhem =>> started to understand

Bien ==> Good

Enik nn ==> Enik la (nik), Moderators excuse me for translating this words please ==> No sex

Hhhhhh === >> hahaha

lélé faméch nik ==> Again please asking for Moderators and our Members for this again =>> No No there is no sex


mazelt fi lac ==>> still at the Lac ( Lac is a city in Tunis)


Ey => yes

Hay el9a3da tawlet ==> the staying is been long

fana 9ahwa ==> in which cafeshop

Ema ena mrakez ==> i'm so focused

M3ak ==> with you

Midway ==> must be the name of the cafeshop

ah ok et 7afla? ==> oh ok, is it busy ?

Hakeka => so so

fhemtek ==> i understand

9a3ed tifhem fili nikteb fih ena ==> are you understanding what i'm writing

Tnajem t9oul ey ==> you can say YES

Thama 7ajet nn ==> there is things Not

ey ilkol filkol elma3na wadha7 ama mouch kilma kilma ==> the subject and meaning clear but not every word

Ey= > yes

asma3 bich n9olha rani nista3mel fil ==> Listen to me, i'm gonna tell i'm using

motarjem => a translator

5aterni manich tayara bilanglai ==> because i'm not good in english

béhi==> ok

A3ref kifech t9oulha ==> make sure you know how to say it

ey ey et'hana ==> yes no worries

Walah sa7bi bravo ==> Good job my friend

ahawka c bon fibelha w9atli mafam hata mochkil ==> here we go, she knows now and she said there is no problem

Esma3ni walah rabi i7ebni b3athli we7ed fel group prof angle ytarjemli men bekri ==> Listen to me, i swear God Loves me, there is an english teacher in the group that has been translating since

9ali sa7bek wel 9a7ba saref ==> he told me that your friend is great (impolite way)

9ali sa7bek m3alem >> same as above but the polite way

hh 3aychou ==> haha thank you

ay t7eb n5alik tkammel tas her m3aha ==> do you want me to leave you and stay with her

Nn ==>No

Kamel 3aych 5ouya ==> Please stay brother

hani nekel fel hara9ma ==> i'm eating Hargma (Hargma is a tunisian Food (cow's legs) )

Beb sui9a ==> Beb sui9a is a quarter in tunis

W loled mtawlin ==> the guys staying any longer

béhi saha likom ==>> ok good for you

3aych 7obi ==> thanks my love

hh ==>> haha

aya tir ==> ok fly, (go away)

tawa ==> now

Kamel 7obi ==> stay my love

Sa7bi yochker fik ==> my friend saying good things about you

9ali ==> he told me

Hetha berasmi sahbek ==> this is truly your friend

Saher 3ala 5atrek ==> he is up late for you

9otlo 5ouya moch sa7bi ==> i told him, he is my brother not my even a friend

ya weldi inchalah t3aress wnirté7 minnek ==> i hope you get married, and get lost from my face

hh=== haha

Hhhhhh==> hahahahahahaha

Merci ==> thank you

de rien ==> not at all

I love you == > you kow this

Rod belek ray ketbetli 9bal t7eb elhend w tal3eb chwaya basket w tetfarej fel football akahaw => be careful, she wrote to me before that she likes india, plays some basketball and watch football thats it

hhh ==>> haha

ok ok

Bien=> good

Ray 9atli 3al 5dmetha 2 9bal rod belek ==> she told me about her jobn becareful

dima a3mel tala cha7kit ena w heya 9bal ==>> always look at what me and her spoke before

c bon jawek béhi => no worries

bich tor9ed wena zeda => she is going to sleep, so iam

aya n5alik ==> ok i should go

ma3adech tzid chay elila==> don't write anything more tonight


jawek fi jben => ( we say it here => oumourek fi jben) everything is good for you

walah => i swear to god


aya n5alik wasa3 bélik fi ktibtou ena wbonne nuit => ok i let you now, enjoy my writting, good night

ghodwa nik rou7ek => tomorrow figure out yourself (impolite words)

ma3andich flouss ==> i have no money

bich n3awed nkalmik ==> to call you back (the above might be meaning phonecredit not real money)

3andi flous => i have money

Etalifoun tah charg =>the phone died (discharged)

Hay prof angler => she is english teacher

W t7esha tekteb b tradution => and it feels like she is using translating

Chbeha mahich fi s7anha => whats wrong with her ( why she doesn't seem ok)


Il romansiya tawa hobi ==> its romantic now my love

aya sayebni ==> leave me alone (stop it)

3ad ==>> belongs to above phrase

man7ebech stresse ==> i don't like stress

taw nriguel oumouri => i will do it myself

wala illa khouya => or even brother (????)

kamel enti a7ki m3aha ==> you keep talking to her

khir => better

titkharet 3léha => to get used to her

5ir mili testénis bia ena => better than she get used to me

fhemt => understood

Meselech kamel => no worries you keep

El mofid ena 9a3id nefhem => the good thing that i'm understanding

Fi kochay => about everything

Danc => so

béhi => ok

9a3id => i'm

Net3alem fi barch ri9 => learning lots of ****

Mana3rfouch 9bal => i didn't know before

béhilek => good for you

fil futur => in the future

Kima ida5la => like the entrance

Mta3 elbera7 =< of yesterday

ah ok

Doctora 7ata enti ya m3alem ==> (like you are experian in such)


yezzi blé 7alén ja3b => stop bouncing me

kén kamalgt ha rahou rabi rani >> ???


Ken chniya=>> if what

kamalt doctorat => finished my studies

asma3 bich nab3ithlha video idha7ek ==> listen, i'm gonna send her a funny video

bich nbadlilha jawha ==> so i can change her mood

mahi mkarza ==> she is grumpy

Elmohem ye3jebha ==> its must that she like it

baz ==> sure

tfarej fih ma9tla dho7k ==> watch it, lots of laughter

Mnin jbto => from where did you get it

9otlek rak 9wi ==> i told you, you are a such

Inkamel netfarej w narja3lek ==> i will finish watching and will be back

hhh mahi hia mkarza fey9a mkarza wil video hédhek iwarik kiféch we7èed yfay9ouh inikouh fhmet hhhh =>>haha she woke up grumpy (mad) and this video shows how they wake up someone frightning

Te7ki 3ala liza 9atosa mte3i => you talking about lisa my cat

6 snin moch barcha => 6 years, not much

yéwildi jibt ha min rasi la7kéya => i just made up the story from my mind

Bravo => good job

Berasli enti ta9rali fi afkari ena (berasmi*) => truly, you are reading my thoughts

ena na9ra lafkar=> i read thoughts

hiwéya => hobbie


Chniya viedo => whats the video

tfarej féha => watch it

wo7kem => and tell

Tfarajet chwaya => i watched a little

Ema tawa manajamtech na9rak chto9sed => but now i can't read you what do you mean

Melol 9otelha => at first i told her

9atosa metet=> the cat died

W tawa => and now

Be3thelha => i sent her


9otilha kén 3anda 9atousa mété fi accident mté3 => i told her we used to have a cat, that died in accident of a

karhba => car

3and 'ha 6 CHHOur => been 6 months

Tawa fhemet => now i understand,

tawa tfarej fi 9o7bi wrakezz mliii7 => now watch how i play it and focuse

behi=> ok

ch9awlek => what do you think

hédhika ma3nit ha nkhamem fik => this is means i think about you

Aboot => about


M3alem => Boss

Chbeha tadhek=> why she laughs

Hay ba3thet taswiretha=> she sent a photo

arka7 ridh => stop, be calm

bich na3mel 3afsa okhra ma azber => i'm gonna do something else better

Kif enti btit => as you were slow

7abit insala7 => i wanted to fix

oui hassan wasel => yess, good, keep on


Chniya el 3afsa => what is the thing better

Chawa9etni => Suspense

osber=> wait

Behi=> ok

Chwaya e5er no5rej w narja3 nasayef se3a w narja3 => later, i'm going out half hour and i will be back



Bech ken twa7achtni ahawka => so if you miss me so

Fibelek => you know

hhhh béhi,=> haha ok

hak hchitou => you are lucky

a9ra chkitbet => read what i wrote

Kess => (we say kess to cats to go away in tunisia) i don't know if he meant it or meant kiss


La7dha enkamel w narja3 => moment i finish and i'll back


fi 3a9lik baba => wait buddy

Ya sel3a chniya l'aplicatin la5demet 3leha hachay hetha => Man what is the application you used to make all of this works

mouch application => not an appilcation

page => a page

fi internet => in the internet

béhine? => good stuff?

Chniya behin => oh what good stuff

Yo9tlo= > just great

wndhifa barcha ilkhidma => clean job

Chniya page => whats the page

heblet 3léhom => it drove me crazy

sahebtek => your girlfriend

Esma3ni ye5i enti 9otelha nesta3mel traduction => listend, did you tell her that you use trasnlating

Wala in3awen b traduction => or i get help with traduction

n3awen bih => i get help with

7achya hethi => this is not good

lé=> No

wa7da wa7da => slowly slowly

9oltilha nista3mel fih => i told her i use it

khater manal9ach liklém =>> because i can't find the words


Behi =ok

Ki yekteb kima tfahemna matezrebech w a3mel chwaya 4lat sa3at ==> write as we planned to, don't hurry and make some mistakes sometimes

Mta3 rabet

Ok sa7bi=> ok my friend

Fhemet= > understood ?

Hobi => My Love

béhi => ok

tawa ena 3andi mana3mel => now i have what to do

kamel => keep on

khoudh 3lia reléve => take my place and relieve me

a7ki => talk

3ala touness=> about Tunisia

b7ar => beach

wta9s wri9 hédheka=> weather and so on

Bakitni b 3afsetek => you made me cry with your idea

Wa9tech tarja3 => when do you come back


je sais pas => i don't know

aya 3amel 3ala rou7èek=> Now you count on yourself

haw kol 7adher tofla walét t3ayetlik => now all is ready, the girl now being .....

باهي => ok

انشاله ننجح => i hope you make it

في التجربة هذه => in this test

قاعد اتبع => you keep watching

aya ya sahbi 5outh 3leya chwaya ==> my friend relieve me a bit

ranw leklem 9a3id yohreb ==> the words are running away

efhemni 3aychek => understand me please

an9ethni ya youssef => save me Youssef

rani tawa w7elt => now i'm stuck

béhi => ok

mani léhi => i'm busy

hédheka 3léch => thats why

nn=> no

wenti halabt 3lia > you ran away from me

lahné => here

just a9ra cha7kit w 3aweni chwaya => just read what i said and help me a bit

ena manich hkilha mté3i => i didn't tell her mine

fhemt => understood

ah ok

sama7ni => forgive me


ahawka => there it is

sayé => done

bdit nahki => started to talk

okhrej minja => walk out

ya weldi ena 9olt rose went90lt bleu=> man i said pink and you said Blue

chofha chkitbet => look at what she wrote

tawa mafhemtech berasmi => now i didn't understand really


sa7bi => friend

w sama7ni => forgive me

hani raka7t jawi => i'm worked it out

oui c bon => yes, its good

hani zidt => i added

haja 3léha => another thing with

merci=> thank you

kolo b ajro 3and rabi => all help, God will repay you

hh ghir tir minha libléd => just get outta of the country

aya ahawka 3jeb ha => ok, she likes it

kamel tawa => keep on now

شكرا يا اخي => thank you brother

de rieeen => not at all




mahbouuuuuul inti => you are crazy

3leh => why

9rit say => did you read

ey ama tawa => yes, but now

bich nitelhé bili 3andi mkarza 3lia=> i'm gonna talk to mine (gf) she is mad at me

mahkinéch bilgdé => we didn't talk right

ya weldi raka7 jawek => Man, feel free

w sama7ni mara o5ra => and forgive me again

na3ref ili enti => i know that you

mat5alinich wa7dek => don't leave me alone

wa7dek => you are on your own

enti oumourek wadh7a juste a3ref kiféch titkallem wmatitfalsafch bich matou7ilch bilklém=>> you are good, just know how to talk and don't be a philosopher so you don't get stuck with words


7asib la9rito => with what i did read

cv => its ok

mechi s7i7 => going right

haseb li9ritou 9/10 => with what i read its 9/10

hassan jiddan => very good mark

wassel=> keep on

tala3tli morali => you made me Optimistic


wala phlop >>> Tops wala phlop ===> Top or down

ena milouel bilkol ki bdit na9ra 3raftek machrou3 néja7 5ater klémik ndhif méchi de a jusqua z => me from beggining as i started reading i knew you are great, you talking right from A to Z

rani telmithek => i'm your student

ya docteur => Doctor

wn9olek 7aja => let me tell you something

ena ثقتي فيك كبير =>> i trust you

ملخر بوقفتك برك هازلي المورال على الاخر => standing by me made me Optimistic

bara taw dj testana ==> go now , DJ waiting

taw ni7kio => we will talk

3jebtni fi hethi => i like this

ti bazz => absolutely

kamel w 5aleh to5rej w arja3li sa7bi => keep on and when she goes come back to me

béhiii => ok

o93ed taba3 => keep watching

mil b3id ahawka klémi wadha7 => my words are clear

wsimple => AND SIMPLE

ena eli tedhrabet fik => its me who liked you

walah ya sa7bi => really my friend

hetha klem fi 9albi => this words in my heart

9olto enti => did you tell him

hédheka 9o7bi => thats my ****

dorigine midar => original from home

in9olek 7aja ena far7an bik walah => i tell you something, i'm really proud of you

ti ena tfol w tedhrabet fi klemek => i'm a guy and i liked your talking

5ali heya => so what about her

méla zebi taw tji lithnia => she will get on the way

ama enti lézmek té5ou 3ala minwéli => but you must do like me

klém dima 7low => words always sweet

widho7ka => and smile

i7ebou wehed => they like someone

spontané wbachouch => spontaneous and smiling

satan chwaya 3andi 3afsa zaboura bich na3malha => wait a little bit, i have something will do

léha => for her

bien dit => well said

hani net3alem ema osber 3leya chway => i'm learning but be patient with me

oui taw enti zeda twali etir tiran => you will be so good

3aych 5ouya => thank you

de rien => not at all

ena brojla 5ayef men 7aja barka => honestly i'm afraid from one thing

rak khou => you are a brother

nn matefhemnich bel 4alet => no, don't misunderstand me

5ayef lan7ebha => i'm worried to love her

walit in5amem feha barcha => i started to think alot about her

w n7eb ne7ki lange=> and want to speak language

yé weldi mat5afech => don't worry

ahawka c bon => here its is

bara chouf => go look

m3alem==> Boss

9rit chmaktoub féha=> did you read what is written on

eltaswira => the picture

nn=> no

bonne anné => Happy New Year


3aychek => Thank you


ye5i thama offer ooredo => is there an offer (Orredo is phone lines company)

eeeuh je sais pas mnin sma3t' ha enti? => ugh, i don't know from where you heard it


najem ne7kio massanger klem viber => can speak in messenger as viber

ena rani nista3mel fil pc => i'm using computer

en plus dali haw jéy => and Dali (dali is a slang for a name Mohamed Ali) is coming

fhemt=> understood


kahléha bisitra => keep it as a secret

aya n5alik => i must go

tawa sahbi => Now my friend

kamel => keep on

tawa enti=> you now

9atlik => she told you

karhebt'ha t'hilket => her car is messed up

mahich 5arja => she is not going out

aya as'her m3aha => ok, stay with her

zid m3aha chwaya => stay with her for abit

belehi w mchi => please and then go

tawa manich wahdi => now i'm not alone

wena man7ebech n7aleb => and i don't want anyone to know

walah => really

kitfadhit => when i wasn't busy

hani 7kit m3AHA => i spoke to her

déja bich nsker elfb wbich nokhrej tawa => already i'm gonna turn off facebook and go out now

jewebha w saberha w emchi 3ala rou7ek => answer her and then go

yé weldi => Son ( but we use it in tunisia as Please understand me )

man7ebech n7aleb => i don't anyone to know

a7ki enti m3aha => you speak to her

9olha => tell her

chnowa bich ta3mel => what she is going to do

tawa => Now

wala bara khoudh taxi >> or go take a taxi

etc => etcetera

tsaref => up to you

enejem n3amel 3lik => i count on you

aya n5alik tawa bich nokhrej walah => i let you now, i swear i'm going out now

aya sahbi rajel => you can do it my friend (my friend is a man)

warini 9o7ebek => show me your **** (show me your ideas)


behi=> ok

séhla mahich s3iba dharbén lougha wbass => its easy not hard, only how to talk

sa7bi rawa7et => My friend you came back

wala ta7tafel => or Celebrating

ya m3alem za3ma? => Boss do you think

hay t5amem barcha => she thinks a lot

bech tjeweb => before answering

normal => Normal

taba3 ghadi => watch there

matmahmichnich lahné => don't bother me here

khalini mrakezz => let me concentrated

5ater d5alt fi s7i7 => because its being serious talk


ena t5alet ba3thi => i'm confused

ena 9ari 7séb elbéhi wilkhayeb => i'm concidering the good and the bad

w9çari 7sébi ech bich njéweb fi kol a7èwél => and concidering what to tell in any way

oss 3ala rou7èek => just shut up

witfarej fi tjanguil => and watch how to play it right

behi => ok

cht7eb t9oul hob sari3 => what is, a quick love

lélé=> No No

hani fasartelha => i told her what it means

chbeha mkiksa => why is she surprised

c normal => its normal

3morha maratek => she never saw you

chniya l7al => how to slove this

ena 9olt klém wadha7 wlogique => i said the right words and clear

taw tji li thniya => she will get on the way

osber zah => be patient please

souf yetbé3 birzana deja iltawa => (this is a tunisian saying that means Be Patient) deja iltawa=> until now

oumourek wadh7a wklém ma39oul wirzin => your situation is clear and your words are Logic

mté3 we7ed ya3ref idih min sa9ih => of someone who is sure about himself

bien dit => well said

lahdha taw nji'' => a moment i will be back


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That was Kinda Exhausting !!! lol
But you are welcome :) we are here to help each others


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Youssef i thank you a lot for ur time, i truely appreciate ur help . There is another part, an extension of this, so if i could post it tommorow when u have time for it. :) Thank you again
Anytime Lucyyy


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''Slm sa7bi => hello my friend

Belehi => really ?

Thama wa7da ba3thetli msg => theres a girl sent me a message

Chof taw m3aha => look now with her

ahla kanu => hey Kanu

béhi => ok

taw nchouf => i will look

3ayech 5ouya => thank you brother

W raka7 jawek => manage yourself

Hani intaba3 fik=> i'm followin you

Tradiction net3alem => with trasnlating i'm learning

Hhhhhhhh => hahahaha

Bech nabda en cours => so i can be in process

lool => lol

béhi taba3ni méla => ok watch me then

Hhhhhh => hahahahaha

3ayech 7obi => thank you my love

7obek hhhhhhhh => your love ? hahaha

ya weldi 7obek => Son, Your Love

hia martek => is your wife

Sa7bi rak => you are my friend

Aya telhe beha => ok, be with her

Hay ba3thet => she sent

9atlek te7ki angle => she asked, do you speak english

béhi béhi taw nitsaraflek => ok ok, i will work it out for you

khalini nik el7ala => let me make a fortune (impolite way to describe when you want to make good stuff)

Belehi => really

Hay we7let => she stuck

Nik => :(

El7ala taw => like above, but NOW

Hhhhh =>

Aman >>> please

béhi sahbi >>> ok my friend

tkt >> no worries

Rabi i5alik leya => god keep you for me (god bless)

3aych khoua => thank you brother

khouya => brother

El mot passe mazel 3andek => you still have the password

ti hey => yes

asma3 kalamni => listen , talk to me

tawa>>>> now


ti haya > come on

winek >> where are you

mot pass => password


Waynek? >> where are you

fil farch bich nor9ed > in bed, i'm going to sleep

wenti => and you

saha saha => good good

enti wihckoun => you and who

Une amie => a friend (ami (boy) friend, amie (girl) friend

Pas de special => nothing special

tfarhed baba => enjoy

bara tol 3ala 7ama ahawka fil hanout msabah => go check on Hama (hama slang for name Mohmmed) he is up in the shop

Mani 9otlek m3aya chkoun manajamch >> i told you i have someone with me, i can't

ah ok profite bien => oh ok, make good profit

3ayech 5ouya => thank you brother

jte laisse méla bonne soiré et bonne nuit => i'll leave you now, good night

Merci > thank you

Bn > (slang for bonne nuit), goodnight

Ahla bik;-)sa7bi => hello my friend

Belehi od5el msg le5er w 9oli chnowa mafhemtoch => please go to the latest message and tell what about, i didn't understand

ahla kanu => Hey Kanu


attend => wait

Aya winek;-) => where are you

9otlek e5er msg => i told you, the last message

ti hani 9a3ed => i'm still

na9ra > reading

anéhou minhom => which one of them

mté gwira wala mté3 mantouj ma7ali >> of the tourist or the local

Nnn => noooo

Wine ta9ra => where are you reading

Omayma => Omayma (girl's name)

9atlik bonsoir => she told you good evening

ma3nit ha => means

féch s3iba > what is hard

Nn => no

Moch s3iba >> not hard

ema ena mo5i mech la7keya o5ra => but my mind went to another thing

Ok merci => ok, thanks

ah ok => oh, ok

wrod bélik => and becareful

latala3 fau profile => it might be a false profile

Chkoun => whos

Nn >> no

Na3refha => i know her

Bien => good

ah ok => oh, ok

méla riguel oumourek => how are you (is it going well)

Kima na3rfek enti => like i know you

Ok => ok

t7eb nahki ena => would you like me to speak

nn >> no

Enti 9wira bark => you only tourist

Hhhhhhhhh>>> hahahaha

béhi ya sidi => ok man (ok master)

Sa7bek fe sona3 ma7ali => your friend only Local

3andek mat9ol fih => nothing to tell about

mantouj ma7ali => local production

jawek > what you enjoy

Nn >> no

Jet haka w bara => it jusr came up

ah oki )=> oh, ok

Mazelt 7al el conte mte3i => still online on my account

nn=> no

nahki m3a limra >> i'm talking to my girl

donc sakartou >> so i logged off


just kont chen9OLEK 7otni hore ligne => i was about to tell you, put me offline


Ta7chelek wasa3 belek => (impolite words)

ki cha3b ta7an ech bich ta3mel 3béd 7yét ha kol 3aycha ta7ana wdhlila ta3téha tarf 7ouriya t7eb tarja3 lidhel c simple ama mazél deusiéme tour >> (here talking about tunisian people

يا حسرة في عهد بن علي كانوا الموتى ينخبوا اليوم الحمد لله تقدمنا : الموتى ولاو يترشحو لرئاسة !!! >> Oh, in Ben Ali's time, the dead used to go vote in election, Now they run for the elections )


Walahi klemek s7i7 sahbi => you are right my friend

W sama7ni rani fel 5dma telhit => forgive, i'm busy at work

7obita => my love

sel3a => shity man

kanou => Kanu

sava => how are you

khouya winik => brother, where are you

frero => brother

waynek? => where are you

haw thama sel3a jdida => theres a new production

9bletni => she accepted me

chofha => look at her

3aych 5ouya => thank you brother

tawa conecte => now online

Ahla mconecti min telifoune 3G=> hey, online through 3G mobile

hez telephon => pick up the phone

Atten => wait


Ahla b 5ouya cv? => hry brother, how are you?

kanu sava baba => Kanu, you ok man

Hmdl=> Hamdoullah, thank God

Winek> where are you

hani khouya comme d'hab => like always brother


Raja3t conexion => internet back ?

oui raj3et w9asset wtawa ena conecté bil 3g mté3 telifouni > yes got it back and again disconnected , i'm online through 3G mobilephone

Y 5ouya rabi isahel w tafra7 baya, lol => Brother, God make it easy and you will be happy for me

Thama jdid => there is news

Slm, winek sa7bi labes => hello, where are you my friend how are you

5ir chwaya => little better

kanou => Kanu (nickname)

yes2el 3lik elkhir => thanks for asking

oui hamdoullah khir chwaya => yes, thank god, little better

ama mazelt 7échék 3andi ilka7a => but i'm still have cough

Inchalah labes w ken 3al ka7a il kolna 3ana => Hopefully you get better, and about cough, everyone has it


Sa7bi bech ne7kilek => my friend i'm gonna tell you

oui baba => yes

Hakel poloniya => the polish girl

hey => yes

Hani mraka7 jawi => i'm getting along

3ale5er => very good

aya béhi => oh, good

Ya weldi mechya => man its really going

A3mel tala => look at it

7kina barcha => we spoke alot

béhi nsit => ok i forgot

pass => password

mté3ek=> yours

riadhyah20...s =>

mahou => it is


c bon => its ok

Ekteb kima b3athtlek => write as i sent you

c bon => its done

halitou => i opened it

khalini nsa9si chahkit m3aha >> let me check what did you spoke with her

wnarja3lek => and get back to you

hak lahné => stay here


vraiement => truly

chapeau => good job

sahbi tbarkallah 3lik => my friend you are good

hani 9rit min awel mabditou ta7kiw => i did read from where you started

m3allem wallah => a real boss

enti tikteb wa7dek wala chkoun i3awen fik? =>> do you write by yourself or someone helps you

Walah tradiction => i swear traduction (google traduction)

Wa7di => by myself

wallah mak mnayek => you are not that bad


Rit ki fehmetni => did you see, how she understood me

3andek ghaltat sghar ama ili bih elféyda kol 7atitou >> you have small mistakes, but the important you filled it

Bel4alet > with mistakes

déja => already

Kifech sala7tha => how did you fix it

ma3andhéch s7ab twznsa >> she doesn't have tunisian friends

wmajétéch => and she never come

hédhi tit7seblek bilgdé => this good for you

ama enti zribt chwaya => but you were in rush

ki stad3it ha >> as you invited her

ba7dhék >> to come see you

wa7da wa7da => clear, clear

lézemkom tchouf b3adhkom >> you must see each other

bil cam => on webcam

wta7kiw => and speak

etc => etcetera

Kifeh => how

Ena manajamch ne7ki bel cam => i can't go on webcam

7ata net3alem na7ki => until i learn to speak

béhi bich na3malik na9cha min 3andi => ok, i will do something from me

stanéni => wait for me

hani ça3ed => i'm waiting

nik fi rou7i => (this words shouldn't be in here lol)

Kifeh =>

Tnik fi rou7ek => same as the one above (this words shouldn't be in here lol)

3malt traduction leli ktebto => i did translate what been written

Thama klem 4alet => there is wrong words

klémi ena? => my words?

Ey => yes

hh => haha

zabbb => oh now

traduction ta3tik liklém betement => traduction gives the phrase not in order

Hata ena bhet => me too, i wondered

wena na7ki fih asa7 mili tikteb fih => and i speak it better than you write it

Mela matabdech tekteb => so don't start to write

Fi lo4a => language

S3iba wt4ali 3laya el 5obez => that is hard and make it hard for me

E7ki kifi => speak, just like me

béhi béhi => ok ok

yaweldi bich nab3eth el gateau => i'm only going to send the cake

wakahaw => and thats it

n5alik tnik rou7èek => i will let do it yourself

khatrek deja => because you already

enti tayabt wa7dek wfawa7t => you cooked yourself

ena hani n3iss 3lik mil b3id fhemt => i will be just watching you

Behi => ok

Ho i

Hobi => my love

Ken 9atli ija sk ena chna3mel => if she tells me, come on sjype, what should i do

9olha ok => tell her ok

chouf ha => see her

w9olha micro => and tell her the micro(headphone)

madhroub desolé => doesn't work, sorry

warja3 a7ki kil 3ada => and back to talk like usualy

just khaltchoufek => just let her see you

fi denya => in real

chbéba el faza fhemt => good idea, i understand


hay jét la7dha 5anab3eth etaswira => moment let me send the picture

wkamale enti nik rou7ek => and you keep on


tfraje ech9atlek => look what she said

ch9awl3k => what do you think

oui ama 3afsti chbéba yesser => yes, but what i did is much better

t3allemnayek el9o7b =>learn my (bitcha) way


zhani ne53alem => ?????


hassan wasel => good keep on

tawa mafhemtech chtheb t9ol => now i didn't understand what she said

9atlik enti mak tèeb elkoura lézemni na3tik koura => she said, you like football, so i have to give you a ball

hdia => present (gift)

9oul kima tèeb => tell as you like

wala tèeb nkamel ena => or you want me to finish

nikteb => typing

wena hak a9ra => and me, take read

oekteb enti => you type

béhi tfarej enti fi sandi tawa => now watch the good work

men4ir matetjo3ib => without being a bouncer

seyes => be easy

bélikchi jéy mil hih => i'm not coming from nowhere

5ater eba3id yelzemha ta3ref ena manihkich lo4a w 3ala 5at3rha walit nefhem chwaya => because later she must know i don't speak languages, and because of her i started to learn a bit

béhi sidi khouya taw na7ki => ok brother i'll speak

klém wadha7 wmahouch s3ib => clear words and not hard

kima ili tikteb fih enti => as the words you write

ama bna9chéti ena => but with my way

béhichi? => is it ok?

w abta chwaya fel jaweb => and be slowly to respond

béhi => ok

5ater ena eba3id ki ne7ki wa7di nabta => because when i'm alone, i'm slow

béhi => ok

sa7a m3alem => hello boss

yelzemninsanwsha baya => i must make her used to me

w ba3id => and then

in7abebha fe6a => make her love me

w ba3id => and then

lézmek dima ilkilma elbéhia wtis2el 3léha ama matemrijhéch => you must always sweet words and ask about her, but don't offend her

kima barcha jboura => like many stupids

lin ya7r9ou rwé7hom => until they break-themselves

t7assas'ha bil itimém => make her feel secure

ama mouch barcha => but not too much

hak rit hatheka 3lech ena nabta fel rep w ki nekteb haja nestaneha traja3 makenech insaker w nor9ed => thats why you see i'm too slow to respond, and when i write something, i wait for her to respond, if not , i log off and sleep

fhemtek => understood

ena zeda=> me too

bich nzid chwaya => will be up for a bit

wnor9ed => and sleep

bayalt=> tired

wsedri bil ka7a 3mal fia => and lots of cough in my chest

zid chwaya yotherli tfarkas 3ala koora => wait a bit, i think she is looking for the ball

hhhhhhhh => hahaha

bech tab3etha => is she going to send it

heeey t7eb ediz fazit ha kima 3malt enti => she wants to make it up, as you did


akid => surely

sa7bi tnajem t3alamni netkalem 3ala9al el baz => my friend can you teach me to speak at least the base of language

mouch fi nhar wala thnin => not in a day or 2

ena nans7èek ta9ra => i advise you to go study

langue => language

fi ecole de formation => in a school

wena nsala7lek => and i correct you

wala chniya => or what

behi wine za3ma => ok, where do you think

fi centre ville=> in down the town

mawjoudin=> there is

école de langue => schools for languages

zbaber => good ones

i3almouk elbaz => teach you basically

wenti mba3ed etawer nafsek => and later you make yourself better

w tenja7 la7keya => and does it work out

bien sur => offcourse

moch thama CD y3almoukles baz => is there CD (dvds) that teach you the basic

tsé3ek 7ata fi khedmtek diplome zeyed => it helps you even in your job, another diploma to add

twali yab3thoouk stagét => and they sends you for internships

il bara => outside

5ater ena ma3andich wa9et => i don't have time

fama cour de soir => there is evening shift classes

w walit ne5dekoyoum => i started to work everyday

min 6 li 8 => from 6 to 8

mté3 lil => nigh shift

9adech hakeka flous => how much money

3 chhour b120 dinar => 3 months for 120 dinars

dhaharli => i think

ken haka taw nemchi fi a9reb wa9et => if so, i will go as soon as possible

ema matherli => but i don't think so

akther baz => must be more

lélé => no no

hédhika hia cour de soir => thats the evening shift class

matfouech 120 dinar => not more than 120 dinar

na3rfek chkoun 9ra almand => i know who did study Deutsch

b120 d => for 120 dinars only

wa3taweh diplome => and they gave him a diploma

lihoa => for him

ya3ref elbaz => know the basically

tla3 bil => he went with

lalmania => to germany


Taw incharchi => i will look

W netwakel => and start

oui =< yes

3ala rabi => God speed

asma3 w9oli ch9awlek => listen, and tell me what you think

Yelzem sahbi => thats a must my friend

7atit ' ha? => did you play it

3alamia hédhia ghnéyti ena wizdach y7eb ha zéda => awesome this is my song, me and Zdach like it

T9ach3er lebdan => its gives the body a chill

Wino zdach => where is Zdach

mridh howa zeda => he is sick too

kdhé hwé => a cold

Ya sa7bi 7ata tele bel ketheb nn => not even a phone call

Ken ena s2lt ahawka makenech mayotlobech => if i call and ask, but he never call

howa miskin => he is a poor boy

w7el bilkhidma => busy with work

wmafaméch barcha demande => and there is not lots of requests

walah msa5afni => i really feel sorry for him

Rabi m3ah => God be with him

ena => me

hani > i'm

kolila ba7dhéh => every night with him

juste tawa ki garabt mamchitech => just now with the flu, i didn't go

Mahoch ye5dem 5ater mahoch ya3mel fi haja extra => he is not working, because he is not making good stuff

Borjoliya => honestly

lé 7ouma mM3afta => no, the neighbourhood is ****

Ah =>

Ychof blasa o5ra=> he better find another place

mouch séhel rabi isahhel 3lih => its not that easy, God be with him

Amin => Amen

Salem 3lih => send him my greeting

yablagh => will do

ki nrah => when i see him

aprés demain => after tomorrow

inchaalah => hopefully (When God wants)

Inchalah => same as above

Taw demain ken najamet njk 16h ou 17h =>tomorrow if possible for me i will come to you arround 4 or 5 pm

Taw nji => i will come

ok kalamani => ok, call me

inchalah => hopefully

Aya bara or9ed => ok go to sleep

Bn => (slang for bonne nuit) good night

bonne nuit '' >>> good night


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Done :)


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what does mean - Ou echbik matlabtech


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I was hoping someone could help translate a few conversations for me. They are between my husband and his "friend", but the word hobi is said a few times. He tells me that he is talking about me, but it doesn't look like it. It's kind of personal and it's killing me inside. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm hoping maybe I can pm someone willing to help...


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Slm wlh ragda el bate7 dzl?


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what thats mean?
Mabrouk . Sahbi...
Ibarek fikom


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and sa7a sa7a


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Can someone translate this please?

"Thiye wesch poto qoide neuf"