Raf Raf


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Raf Raf is located in the region of Bizerte , it has one of the best beaches in Tunisia : a long pale brushstroke fringed by pine trees , set beneath the rugged escarpment . it is often speckled with debris and people .
Really Raf Raf has a picturesque setting and very beautiful beaches :)
have u spent your holiday there?


I prefer Raf Raf when its less busy. The views down to Raf Raf from the ridge behind are impressive too. We've climbed up from the Ghar el Melh side several times (Ghar el Melh gets my vote over Raf Raf).


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The volume is not very good on this clip...


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I think my favorite restaurant in all of Tunisia is in Bizerte - Le Petit Mousse.


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Raf Raf i was there 8th jan 2011 lovely place sunny but cold with my lovely Tunisian family best last day ever!! . The scenery is amazing!!