Room share with fiancé

I want to come on vacation in June.
Me and my fiancé. I'm from Dubai and My fiancé is from Tunisia.
Can we share room in hotel. If any hotel allows plz give me name. Or is there any other solution.
But why
Someone told me some hotels allow
Dear last year we stayed in Eden hotel
She came with her family and we booked separated rooms.
I called Eden two days before
They said I have to booked 2 single rooms and after check in we can share room. So what's this policy
I have Tunisian girlfriend and now she's my fiancé. I love her too much and wanna marry her quickly. We always fighting but still together last 3 years.
Me from Dubai
United Arab Emirates


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The law in Tunisia is no unmarried couples in hotels.

However its applied in a patchy fashion

For example if you both are European and you staying in a tourist resort no problem technically its not allowed but loads of tourists are not married so dont kill the goose.

If the guy is from Tunisia and the woman European you will get away with it 50%+ of the time but randomly someone may have an issue.

If your both Tunisian (or look it) or the woman is from Tunisia you will most likely be asked. I get asked most of the time and we have been married 10+ years now and have 3 kids. This is in 3 star 4 star and also the best hotels in Tunisia across the board.

Book two rooms and save the potential embarrassment.


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Dude you are living in Dubai would you take the same risk there? No you would not, so why is Tunisia different


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Try monastir centre hotel