royal miramar thalassa


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hi has anybody ever stayed at the royal miramar thalassa in skanes? and i was also wondering if anyone knows how the hotel is about staying with tunisian boyfriend in hotel and not being married.


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We stayed there before we got married but that was a few years ago no problem. I booked on the website before i went. The room we had was nice and there is a good disco apart from that i cant remember anything else. Hope this helps.


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We stayed there in july 2009 got a really nice room had couches in it was like a family room i loved it so much, the pool was lovely and right on the beach food was delicious OMG loved the food, really good choice. we booked half board so had breakfast nd dinner and nevver made b-fast lol were always the last running in for food, there is restaurants across the road for lunch and they had lovely pizzas ah id love to go back there again really nice hotel with alot of entertainment, no problems and i did see couples with tunisian bfs so dont think there would be any problems there u could always email and ask first but i know there was a few couples no problem.


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salt water pool..... stingy eyes!!