Tej Marhaba Hotel, Sousse


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Hi Everybody,

If you have any plan to go to Sousse ... i would like to recommend you to stay in Tej Marhaba in Sousse .. it's the most beautiful hotel i never saw before :) it's just a 4 stars hotel .. but it's complet .. it has everything .. the service overthere is perfect ... the rooms are good, and nice and lovely open to the see .. the have a nice restaurant in the hotel the food is really good ... especially the dessert :) WAWW ...

In the hotel itself there's Sauna, inside and outside swimingpool, "Bain mort", Fitness centrum, Night Club , one of the best in Sousse ( Maracana ) ... we got even a mall in the hotel .. you can shop .. there's a small clothes store in the mall .. where you can find and buy things .. i swear God there'r too expensive in Amsterdam and in the whole Europe i guess .. in this store you find all expensive names : Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Ralph Lauren, Yves St Laurent .. for a cheap prize .. you get forexemple a too nice Shirt Dolce & Gabbana for something like 35 Dinars (+- 23 Euros / 18 pounds) its cool :)

But what i reall like about the hotel .. is the strategic place where it's located ... closed to the Medina ... closed to the beach ... closed to everything ... you can have the Touristic Train in front of the hotel to go to Port Kantaoui ( A beautiful touristic harbor )

Go for it and you gonna fall in love with it :))



would any1 beable to help me and give the email address for the tej marharba in sousse please.xxx
beautiful hotel food amazing but the only down side i know of 2 love rats that work there so wouldnt go back

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beautiful hotel food amazing but the only down side i know of 2 love rats that work there so wouldnt go back
You'd be hard pushed to find a hotel anywhere in Tunisia where there wasn't at least one...lol...wouldn't let it ruin my holiday though. They can be ignored.


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I've never stayed at the Tej but visited it many times when in Sousse at the same time as a German friend who usually stayed there. We used to sit in the lounge or out by the pool for a while before retiring to her very nice room to drink coffee on her balcony. It isn't actually in a sea-front position but the beach is only down the road and it is very convenient for plenty of cafes and restaurants.


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