Tour Khalef hotel in Sousse


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We have always stopped in the hotel next to this in the lovely gardens. The views from the Tour Khalef balcony and patio are stunning. It seems to be a very nice hotel especially for families. Lots of other swimming pools in the grounds and just one minute walk through the gardens to the beach. There is a night club on-site and another just outside the gates.
Across the road is the Slim Centre shopping Mall, cafes and a lovely Pattiserie. At the back of this is a great Beauty Salon and Hammam. For a nice day out take a taxi or just by the candle shop take the bus to Port El Kantoui. For a fun ride there is also the Noddy Train. If you are familiar with hailing a louage this is another option to get there.
The reception is great, because it is air-conditioned room, with plenty of excellent garden shade pool is clean, and often polite, helpful staff members a happy rest, some areas are safe, we Not many nuisance when we go out, have a wedding in the hotel is quite Tunisia local events.


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It also has a Big function room for weddings too im considering it lol