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Travelling to Tunisia for the first time

Hi Guys,

I am Nereida Valerius from Los Angles. I am a housewife, but my husband brings me and my son Johns with him on the tour of European and few Asian countries. However, this summer, we decided to visit a beautiful country of North Africa. Yes, it is Tunisia. I read a lot about the culture and food of Tunisia, but now, I want to explore every aspect of Tunisia.

Our tour would be consisting of 3 weeks and to save some amount, we decided to live at the home of my husband's friend who recently transferred to Tunisia due to some official duties. But, we are still looking for a better transportation service. We are looking to hire a car for three weeks. Can you refer some better car service provider? According to my husband, it would be a better idea to hire a car via online mean as we did hire a car in Thailand. But make sure, you are referring a trustworthy service provider.

You can also recommend some places that I should must visit with family.
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